To: Prime Minister David Cameron

Remove Michael Gove from office.

Remove Michael Gove from office.

Dear Prime Minister
Teachers, writers and educational experts across the country are driven to distraction by the unstable behaviour of Education Secretary Michael Gove. He is single-handedly wreaking havoc on the morale and practice of school learning, apparently unchallenged by anyone within his own party. Quite simply we urge you to get this misguided man to step down from government office.

Why is this important?

Education is the practice of learning in which knowledge and skills are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or research. Michael Gove refuses to abide by the wisdom of generations by ignoring research findings; by denying expert opinion; by deriding expertise in the field; and by deliberately demoralising our teachers. Any pupil or student similarly and willfully ignoring research, expertise and secure knowledge in the same way as Michael Gove would fail any examination. Any inspected school doing so would be found "Inadequate". To save the future of education in this country and to prevent further damage Michael Gove must be persuaded to resign.


Reasons for signing

  • How on earth does Gove expect anyone to trust him after his recent conduct? Using wildly exaggerated claims and worthless promises he persuaded our nation to vote for something that is likely to unleash serious social, constitutional and economic consequences. If he believed in the claims he made, his judgment is deeply flawed; if he didn’t, he is guilty of lying. The moment the Leave campaign was won he immediately set about the career-assassination of his closest ally. The man is a snake.
  • Traitor without conscience .
  • Back stabbing traitor. No morals no coincidence .


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