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To: South Lanarkshire Council

Repair or rebuild Clyde Bridge in South Lanarkshire

03/12/18 - Success!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for signing the petition Repair or rebuild Clyde Bridge in South Lanarkshire. Your input has helped us to successfully persuade South Lanarkshire Council to do a full rebuild of the Clyde Bridge at a cost of around £3m. Hopefully this can be achieved quickly to ease the annoyance of the large diversion in place and prevent our local community from becoming stranded for too long.

Thanks for all your help!

Pettinain Community Council

Repair or rebuild Clyde Bridge in South Lanarkshire

Repair of replace Clyde Bridge between Pettinain and Carstairs Junction as soon as possible

Why is this important?

On 30th August 2018 South Lanarkshire Council took the decision to close the Clyde road bridge between Carstairs Junction and Pettinain due to ongoing structural problems. They have advised that due to the issues there is a strong possibility that the bridge may be permanently closed and that there are currently no funds to repair or replace the bridge. This has partly cut off both communities badly affecting residents, businesses, emergency service responses as well as commuters to and from Carstairs station. Alternative routes are already congested and prone to accidents and closures. We would encourage everyone affected to sign our petition to try to get South Lanarkshire Council to repair or replace the bridge as soon as possible.

South Lanarkshire

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Reasons for signing

  • This decision will cause severe travel issues for me, my family and the local community. It will affect the ability of emergency services to reach our village as well as the surrounding communities. South Lanarkshire Council need to take action. They have an obligation to rural communities and not just the larger towns in the county.
  • This is a vital link road which is used by many people, not just local residents. It is unacceptable to have this route closed off. It is essential that the money is allocated, or raised quickly, to repair or replace this bridge.
  • This bridge provides the quickest and shortest route to obtain daily provisions, attend medical appointments and collect vital medication, and also to receive emergency services and deliveries. It's not just inconvenient. It is an essential link road and there is a real financial oncost, as well as increased journey times. It is unbearable to think that this bridge could be closed for many months or years. Please do something urgently SLC!


2018-12-03 11:53:21 +0000

Petition is successful with 1,136 signatures

2018-09-18 16:54:38 +0100

Update from local Councillor looks positive. 2 options being investigated:
"2 Options being looked at:
Option 1 - Complete superstructure replacement at an estimated £3-4million. SLC has appointed a consultant who has experience of the bridge to undertake an options appraisal and a further assessment of the central bridge piers. We expect the outcome of this within 6 weeks, and a complete superstructure replacement could take up to 20 months.

Option 2 - Installation of a temporary structure (e.g. a bailey bridge type) at an estimated cost of £1-2 million. Again a consultant has been appointed to assess whether a temporary structure could technically be provided, at what cost and in what time scale it could be provided. We expect their report very soon and this may be quicker to build than the full structure, perhaps in less than a year.

Thanks for everyone's support so far!

2018-09-13 17:15:05 +0100

Email back from letter sent to SLC states:
"I refer to your recent correspondence to the Chief Executive and myself regarding the above and note all that you say.
Please be assured the Council is extremely mindful of the inconvenience the closure of this bridge has caused local residents. I acknowledge the sudden nature of the closure was not helpful but given the safety concerns in relation to the condition of the bridge unfortunately there was no real option. Nonetheless, please accept my apologies for the inconvenience experienced.
Having closed the bridge and established the best possible alternative route for traffic we are now looking at all the options, with our firm intention being to re-establish a crossing point if it is possible to do so. We are investigating these options as a matter of urgency.
Please be assured we will keep local residents advised as the above work is progressed."

We need to keep up the pressure to make sure they come to the right decision.

2018-09-13 16:42:04 +0100

1,000 signatures reached

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500 signatures reached

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