To: Fife council

Replace and maintain grit bins in fife

Replace and maintain grit bins in fife

Fife council have removed a lot of the grit bins around the area. This is to gather support to show fife council that we want and need he grit bins and ask them to replace and maintain them!

Why is this important?

Grit bins are used to keep paths and roads clear of ice and snow in the local area. The way the temperatures have dropped the pavements are like glass and are extremely dangerous to walk on but with no grit bins we are unable to grit our local pavements ourselves.


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Reasons for signing

  • For the danger to older folk and for all the people who are going to work on icy mornings to pay for the junkies to sit and take out of the system but never put back in, shocking that the council clearly care more about them than the hard working tax payers. Absloutly obsurd!!
  • Nearly fuckin cunted it to many times
  • The amount of times I've nearly fallen and broke a bone on this ice. Also seeing elderly nearly falling and it's more dangerous for them! We don't even have a grit box on our street anymore, the one we did have is empty and it's been destroyed by youths months ago. The council don't care as long as they get money out of it. (Also haven't seen a gritter coming into the street, it's mostly elderly here with the little handful of adults or young adults.)


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