To: Richard Davies, Portfolio holder for Highways, Transport and IT at Lincolnshire County Council

Resurface St. Bernard's Avenue in Louth

Resurface St. Bernard's Avenue in Louth

We ask Lincolnshire County Council to fully resurface St Bernard's Avenue where it is built over concrete bays.

Why is this important?

The road is unfit for purpose and is disintegrating in the sections where it is built over concrete bays. This means that any repairs to potholes do not last, and this poses an unacceptable danger to users of this road, as well as increasing vehicle repair costs. The road is becoming busier as Louth grows in size due to new housing developments, and it already has heavy traffic.

Louth, Lincolnshire

Reasons for signing

  • Needs doing before a cyclist is killed.
  • I cycle up and down the avenue and get bumped all over
  • Im signing this because as a cyclist this road has already cost me a wheel. The only place to ride a bike to avoid the potholes is down the middle of the road.


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