To: Gosport borough council, Hampshire County council

Save Alverstoke infant school's community cabin!

UPDATE: 20/10/17

Dear Friends,

Thank you for signing the petition Save Alverstoke infant school's community cabin! We did it the cabin is staying

Again thank you all so much

The friends of Alverstoke

Save Alverstoke infant school's community cabin!

Refrain from removing the much loved and well used community cabin from the playground at Alverstoke Infant School.

Why is this important?

it has been proposed "once again" that our lovely school sadly has to give up the community cabin after a couple of years trying to keep it on our site.

In this time it has had some renovations including our fabulous kitchen donated by a local business Howdens which was installed with the help of some of our own school parents in specific trades and their businesses at no cost.

The cabin has been used everday since it was no longer an additional classroom to enhance our children's school day and also offer additional groups and support for our families.

Over time we have also seen an increasing number of after school clubs and evening and weekend activities for both children, adults and the wider community.

This academic year great plans were a foot for even more.....including social meet ups, night classes, school holiday picnics and weekend community breakfast club.

The cabin is used for after school clubs when the hall is in use for discos
The cabin is used for afterschool hobby clubs such as LEGO and art.
It would be severely detrimental to the enrichment we provide the children through events and activities.

How it will be delivered

In person to our local councillors and at the proposed meeting with those planning to remove the cabin


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Reasons for signing

  • Tommy has attended several activities in the cabin and I would be so dissapointed to see the facility go. Also dread the disruption a caused by removing this structure from the playground.


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