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To: City of Edinburgh Council

Save Craigentinny & Telferton Allotments

UPDATE: We Won! 14/04/16

The campaign has been long and hard-fought, culminating today in the Planning Committee meeting in Edinburgh City Chambers. Councillors unanimously rejected Avant Homes' application to build houses on our cherished allotments.

The Planning Officer gave an account of the official comments to the Council, declaring that there were 281 objections, only 3 comments in support and a petition of 3,032 signatures (at time of submission) opposing the proposal " we have roughly 3,300 in objection to it."

THIS IS EPIC ... not only was the petition worthwhile as an indication of support, but each and every signature counted towards the total number of objections presented to council.

I am still keeping the petition open, if only so that it can be accessed and witnessed on the 38degrees site by the Scottish Government Reporter, should the developer decide to appeal.

Thank you,

Graham Purnell

We want Craigentinny and Telferton Allotments in east Edinburgh to be protected from a proposed housing development by Avant Homes. East Edinburgh already has several new housing sites approved; it doesn’t lack housing but it is desperately short of accessible public green space.

Why is this important?

The allotments are a valuable community asset and sit within an area of high housing density. In an area surrounded by busy roads, the allotments help to reduce the local carbon footprint.
There have been allotments at Telferton for over 90 years; they add greatly to quality of life and provide social contact and a sense of community. At a time of increasing reliance on food banks, allotments provide the ability to grow fresh food, ensure a nutritious diet and enhance health and general well-being. Gardeners share skills and knowledge that would otherwise be lost and families introduce their children to growing food in precious urban greenspace.
Allotments are hugely beneficial to biodiversity. In the Friends of the Earth ‘Great British Bee Count’ allotments were the prize habitat, with numbers per count exceeding even the countryside.
Please sign our petition.
It is not a substitute for formal objections to the plans, as it only counts as one objection. However, it will enable us to provide evidence of widespread support for public green space and allotments.

Edinburgh EH7 6TQ

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Reasons for signing

  • This happening too much, develop a brown field site and leave allotments alone
  • Driving wildlife from their homes just for a bloody housing development? Not in my name.
  • I believe it's incredibly important for biodiversity & the dwindling bee population. It's been around for 96 years and it's just not acceptable to do this to people who have history of almost 100 years with these allotments. Not every bit of green space needs to be used for development let alone a space that has such historic importance to the local people.


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