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To: Newcastle City Council

Save Elswick Triangle Park

Save Elswick Triangle Park

Please do not remove our local, actively used and well loved play park!

Why is this important?

Newcastle City Council are planning to remove the well loved play facilities at Elswick Triangle (Normanton Terrace / Kingsley Terrace) play park and replace them with an ‘alternative play use’ or ‘natural play’ area. This means an area with no facilities

Our park is one of the few places where ALL residents are able to socialise safely and informally, at two little picnic tables, while the children play on the park equipment. It is much loved and connects many people in our community.

In 2018 Newcastle City Council commissioned a report about the cities parks where our ward scored second highest on ‘need of use’ criteria. The report recommended restoring or replacing the play equipment in our Park. Despite this and despite the massive significance of the park in our community the Council have decided to remove it. It shows a complete lack of understanding about our community and what it needs.

Please help save it by signing this, sharing it and writing stories of what this park has meant to you.

We will send updates from here about the campaign. You can also follow on instagram @save_elswick_triangle_park

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Houses in this area have very small or no gardens. Children need a space to play and deserve to have the equipment repaired, not removed.


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