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Save George Street, the heart of Hove

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Save George Street, the heart of Hove

Change the street opening times to vehicles so they are consistent for the whole year , open the street at 3pm all year round.

Why is this important?

WE on this page have come together to SUPPORT the people and businesses of George Street, Hove! George Street is under serious threat due to the massive drop in footfall. The people and businesses of George Street 'love' the pedestrian aspect of the street, but do not want the pedestrian period to go beyond 3.00pm!

10.00am to 3.00pm is long enough for those who want a pedestrian shopping zone! There is no point in a pedestrian zone if there are no pedestrians! In the later part of the afternoon the street becomes a 'Dead Zone'! To help George Street, 'footfall' has to increase! The people and traders would like the street opened up to cars at 3.00pm, and 3.00pm all year round, and so allow those in the local community and Hove in general, to be able to pop down for any last minute shopping.

George Street seems to be the only pedestrian street that has two seasonal time shifts. WHY? With Hove being one of the biggest residential areas in the country, it seems that NO one ever seems to know when George Street is open to trade!?!?!?!

George Street employs over 800 people making George Street one of the largest employers in the city.

Business owners and their employee’s depend on their livelihoods on a thriving retail area. Businesses in George St. face a stark choice if this is not dealt with; chain stores closing down their Hove store and independents going bankrupt, it could leave the community without a convenient local shopping area and an increase in local unemployment. With high business rates, high rents, the drop in footfall adds to the already existing pressure.

It is regular and noticeable that trade drops into a 'Dead Zone' about 3.00pm to 3.30pm in the afternoon in summer, as well as in the winter! The difference is that trade is reinvigorated in the winter due to the street being opened to cars at 4.00pm.

Dramatic changes to the parking environment in which George St operates and its significant impact on businesses and community has begun to take serious effect. Tesco's change of policy and charging to park and the lack of parking spaces in the surrounding streets.

3.00pm to 6.00pm represents a small period that equates to 33% of the working day’s potential earning ability, a large percentage that would be a huge help in their survival. At the moment this period is the 'Dead Zone'!

St. Andrews school is about to increase in size from 300-400 pupils to 600 pupils! To change to a yearly earlier opening time benefits not only the people and businesses of George Street, but also for the community as a whole and the parents and children of St. Andrews. The time change would relieve the dangerous traffic that will build up around the school.

We ask ALL that love George Street to join us and support the traders, who are not asking for much, so George Street has at a chance to become that vibrant community street again, and really become a viable shopping destination for all people in Hove, and beyond!

Reasons for signing

  • George Street is a lovely area to shop with lots of idependent businesses as well as the normal chains. I, for one, would be lost without it!
  • It has been an integral part of my life
  • Part of any visit to Brighton always includes a visit to George Street. I visited today at around 3.30 and was very aware there were far fewer people there than in the past. If the people who keep the varied selection of shops open, then they deserve to do so in the way that best serves them. Good luck.


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