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To: Jeremy Hunt - Minister for Health

save Glenfield children's hospital

30/11/17 - We Won

Great news! NHS bosses have decided not to end lifesaving children's heart surgery at a hospital.
The decision follows a long campaign by parents of children treated at Leicester's Glenfield Hospital, charity Heart Link, MPs and hospital staff.

If plans had gone ahead, East Midlands patients would have been treated at other centres further away.

Thank you so much to everyone who signed the petition.

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save Glenfield children's hospital

Keep the heart surgery unit open at Glenfield for children and families... Glenfield in Leicester is a important hospital for many children

Why is this important?

This children's heart hospital is renowned for its work on saving lifes .... We must kept this hospital open for Leicester families and families across the country .
Our heart hospital is very important to our children and families across the country we cant be without this children's heart hospital.....


Reasons for signing

  • How can saving a life be over ruled by just missing the targets!
  • because my daughter goes here and it is just a fantastic hospital
  • It is the best Hospital for children with heart condition.


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