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To: Ed Vaizey, Minister for Creative Industries



Help secure more funding for so it doesn't close down on the 2nd of June.

Why is this important?

IdeasTap is an invaluable resource for young people who wish to enter the creative industries.

The charity offers funding, training and practical advice for those who are just starting out. Furthermore, the website lists jobs and competitions open to young people and acts as a networking platform allowing individuals to easily collaborate with one another. Not only this but IdeasTap is packed full of entertaining and inspiring articles.

The creative industries in Britain will undoubtedly suffer if IdeasTap closes down. With inequality in the Arts on the increase, IdeasTap is one of the few resources which helps individuals from poorer backgrounds access resources they may not have known about.

The preservation of IdeasTap is necessary to ensure the outstanding quality of the Arts is maintained in Britain.


Reasons for signing

  • Meeting other people and having opportunities to practice and improve any artistic craft is important, and we would be losing out massively if IdeasTap actually closes.
  • Important that young people from diverse and poorer backgrounds have access to working in creative industries.
  • Art and creativity are an necessary part of society


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