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To: George Osborne


The museum is saved! After more than 45,000 people signed petitions to protect the science museums in the north of England, Culture minister Ed Vaizey announced that the museums would not be given the proposed 10% budget cut and that there was "no question of them closing." The MP for York Central said: "All the campaigning and all the warnings sent to the government that it would be an act of cultural vandalism if one of these museums were to close appears to have been heeded."


Dear Chancellor, please consider the impact of the comprehensive spending review on 26th June 2013 on the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. Further government cuts to the Science Museum Group's annual funding will most likely result in its closure. This loss would be a devastating blow to the Manchester. The city that gave birth to the industrial world would have no museum to commemorate it.

Why is this important?

The forthcoming government cuts to the Science Museum Group's (SMG) annual funding will devastate the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI).
Ian Blatchford, Director of the Science Museum Group (MOSI’s parent company) has stated that a further 10% cut in funding in the next round of government spending proposals would mean "almost certainly" one of their 3 northern museums would shut. (The others are the Railway Museum in York and the Media Museum in Bradford.)
Manchester was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. It was where they split the atom and created the first programmable computer. Manchester IS science and industry. It needs MOSI.
The children of Manchester need to learn about their incredible heritage. They need the museum to harness their inherent scientific enquiry. And they need it locally. It’s unfair, and unrealistic, to expect schools and families outside the south east to fund travel to the Science Museum in London because it will simply not happen, not due to lack of interest, but quite simply due to lack of available funds. MOSI is a much loved and well resourced that affords schools, nurseries, tourists and residents alike a superb insight into scientific and historical developments.
Museums cannot ever be a South East only attraction. Save our children's access to scientific exploration!

Manchester, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • MOSI is being innovative and holding events that are interesting and cutting edge! I love the MOSI and as a manchester student I love having this as a resource! Kids need to be inspired in the sciences!
  • Museums are a huge part of education and without them schools may start to struggle to teach the subjects that can only be taught through museums. Me, still being in education, think it is one of the best ways of learning things as you remember it from experience.
  • we need to save this for children's kids


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