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To: Bexley Council

Save Old Farm Park

Save Old Farm Park

Please Reconsider selling off Old Farm Park.

Why is this important?

Old farm park serves the local community. It appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds. It's where I played as a child, during the long summer days, snowy winters or Easter egg hunts. And it's where my children play today! My son was devastated when he heard, wanting to know why anyone would want to destroy his fort that he'd made in one of the copses.
Local residents use it: to exercise themselves and their dogs; play football; have picnics; bird watching; group organised sporting activities and general recreational pursuits. Please help us save this lovely open space!


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Reasons for signing

  • Its all very well councilors voting to destroy this fabulous, open green space but we have to live here! You can see and smell the pollution in this area which is particularly noticeable when cars, trucks and vans are queuing to get out of Old Farm Avenue during rush hour. If you build houses on this open space it will be gone forever and I will never forgive Bexley Council. Please reconsider and leave our green spaces alone for us to enjoy.
  • keep the area green
  • We need our green spaces ! In this 'green and pleasant land '


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