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To: Derbyshire County Council

Save our bus services in Derbyshire

Save our  bus services in Derbyshire

Short term savings on cutting bus services will have long term impacts on people and communities who use them.Do not cut vital local buses..

Why is this important?

When buses are cut, opportunities for people are taken away. The opportunities for young people to access jobs and training, for older people to leave their home every day to get out and about the way the rest of the population do in their cars. They will spend money meet people and take part in life.By cutting £2.5 million from vital bus services, the country could be paying out on medication for depression and all the other conditions caused by isolation and boredom.


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Reasons for signing

  • As Volunteer Development Manager for Voluntary and Community Services Peaks and Dales, I believe accessible public transport is crucial for our largely rural area. There are many people who are prevented from volunteering in services that could help with addressing isolation, mental health issues and support for older people.
  • Bus cuts would harm the environment by encouraging car-use, and would harm the local economy by depriving residents and visitors of access to amenities.


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