Save Our Cyclists

To: Boris Johnson and Andrew Gilligan

Cyclists are dying.

Boris, you are the ‘cycling Mayor’. You have the money, you have the vision, you have the experts.

Committing to appoint 128 new staff to TFL’s cycling division, adding new segregated pathways to Cycle Superhighway 2, and pledging £913 million over the next 10 years are admirable actions.

But these plans do not go far enough.

Cyclists are losing their lives at the expense of slow progress on cycle safety.

And Boris, 13 deaths in 2013 are 13 too many.

Where is your sense of urgency?

We call on Boris Johnson and Andrew Gilligan to vastly accelerate their plan for expenditure of the £913 million cycling fund, by releasing an accurate, costed and time-bound plan for how the fund will address cycle safety over the next 12 months, from the end of December 2013.

The plan should address what actions are to be taken - and what changes cyclists can expect - on the following key areas of concern, over the next 12 months;

- Cycle Superhighway 2
- Heavy Goods Vehicles
- Training for motorists, including TFL staff
- Training for cyclists
- Further investment in the cycling fund

Why is this important?

At the time of writing, 13 London cyclists have died this year, and 5 of those deaths over 9 days in November.

Enough is enough.

Cyclists do not need to travel around our city with fear for their lives.

TFL and the Mayor for London do have the right idea. But, as plans are drawn up, consultations are carried out, and meetings are had, London’s roads continue to be unsafe, and cyclists are losing their lives.

We are calling for urgent action from Boris Johnson and the Cycling Commissioner Andrew Gilligan to accelerate their plans, and to be clear about their intentions for cycle safety in London.

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Reasons for signing

  • Aoife M. 2015-09-06 21:28:40 +0100
    My mother was a cyclist victim of a HGV crash and I do not want to see others die this way.
  • Morris Z. 2015-09-04 22:43:34 +0100
    I cycle from Balham to Holloway and back each day. I want safer roads for me and my fellow cyclists. It is not asking a lot.
  • Tobias E. 2015-09-04 11:10:34 +0100
    Because cycling is something everybody should be doing regularly without fear.


almost 2 years ago

Dear Supporters,

We recently sent out an email to update everyone on what we've achieved and where we need to keep campaigning.

If anyone didn't receive that, or if you want to read more about what we've been up to, you can follow campaign developments at

Also you should know that Rhiannon, who started the campaign, has moved to Switzerland and handed the campaign to me, Fred. You can read more about it and me via the blog and if you want to get in touch you can leave a comment or say hi on Twitter.

A big thanks to Rhiannon for creating the petition and all her hard work. Rhiannon will continue to support the campaign as an advisor, and looks forward to seeing where we go next!

Thanks for your continuing support & we look forward to continuing the campaigning this autumn.

Fred Smith

almost 3 years ago

BBC News: Camberwell crash death: Sixth cyclist killed in two weeks

almost 3 years ago

20,000 signatures reached

almost 3 years ago

Today: Met Police Chief speaks out for the first time this week. His message? Lorries are big, and bicycles are small: "It is difficult for the drivers". Yes - it's difficult for cyclists too.

almost 3 years ago

Yesterday: Boris comes out to blame poor cycling for the recent spate of deaths -

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almost 3 years ago

Fifth cyclist reported dead this morning. That is 5 cyclists killed on London roads in 9 days.

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