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To: Warwick District Council

Save Our Outdoor Pool in Kenilworth

Save Our Outdoor Pool in Kenilworth

To ensure the future of Kenilworth's heated Outdoor Pool. To:

1. Keep the Outdoor Pool open (Not to replace it with a gym)
2. Maintain both outdoor and indoor pools as public amenities
3. Not provide more car parking in Abbey Fields

Why is this important?

Kenilworth’s outdoor swimming pool has, since 1896, complemented other outdoor activities in the beautiful rural setting of Abbey Fields. There is now a great revival of interest in open-air lidos and Warwickshire District Council should be investing in this valuable public asset.

Kenilworth has the only public outdoor pool within a 30 mile radius, including Coventry and Warwickshire, yet the council are considering replacing it with a gym, run along commercial lines, in competition with the 71 other gyms within a 20 mile radius.

But you cannot put a price on the benefits of outdoor swimming for our physical and psychological health, our well-being and our sense of community. The happy memories of days out splashing in the pool and relaxing in the surrounding park will not show up on the balance sheets any more than the civic identity which such a facility gives.

The present buildings, comprising the outdoor and indoor pools, are low and in keeping with the park setting; the proposed gym could be both higher and require the provision of more parking on Abbey Fields.

Roger Deakin, revered as one of the key nature writers of recent times and the person who highlighted and popularised outdoor and wild swimming, writes in his important book Waterlog of how he developed his love of outdoor swimming at the lido in Kenilworth; even though it has been altered, this gives our town pool a particular importance and something to celebrate as part of the important social development of outdoor and wild swimming.

Deakin showed how the outdoor pool promotes a love of the countryside and outdoor pursuits. It is a gem and should be preserved and invested in for future generations.

Kenilworth, Warwickshire

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Reasons for signing

  • The outdoor pool is a historic part of Kenilworth. There has been research about the benefits of outdoor swimming to mental and physical health. I remember going there as a child and it would be a shame for other children in the future not to have this facility. It's lovely in the summer.
  • Because it could be a fantastic asset to the town, like Jesus Green lido in Cambridge.
  • The benefits of outdoor swimming are immense on both physical and mental health. This facility needs to be maintained, not changed.


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