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To: Oxfordshire County Council

Save Oxon School Buses

Save Oxon School Buses

Dear Oxfordshire County Council, we demand the immediate withdrawal of the Proposed Home to School Transport Consultation (2015) on the grounds that it will not deliver any guaranteed savings, it is unfair and inequitable.

Why is this important?

These proposals will not deliver significant savings to the council. The predicted savings are based on flawed assumptions and insufficient analysis of individual local situations. In some cases they will cost more. These proposals are unfair because they target the least well off. They are inequitable because they disproportionately affect families from rural areas and post 16 students who live more than 3 miles from any 6th form provision. The effect of these proposals will reach far beyond the impact on school transport. They will re-draw the catchment map of Oxfordshire, divide communities according to wealth and split siblings between schools. They are not a workable solution for such a rural county, will prove divisive, and potentially put some of our fantastic and improving schools under genuine threat.

How it will be delivered

By hand at the Cabinet meeting on 28th January 2014.

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Children who live in villages and have no safe walking route for 3 miles should be offered free school busses.
  • because children are entitled to education irrespectve of parent income or geography
  • This whole proposal is flawed on many levels


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