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To: West Dunbartonshire Council

Save the Clydebank Playdrome

Save the Clydebank Playdrome

Keep the existing Playdrome intact and renovate the existing structure

Why is this important?

The Clydebank Playdrome provides the community with multiple fitness facilities.

At a meeting the community Council agreed to support "Save our Playdrome" because West Dunbartonshire Council propose to demolish the existing Playdrome and replace with a new build at Queens Quay.
Facilities will be lost in this new build as it is not a like for like project.

The cost to rebuild the facilities far exceeds the cost of refurbishment of the existing infrastructure.

Clydebank G81 1PA

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Reasons for signing

  • It was a great place to got swimming. Personally I think it's much better than the new one as the old one had 2 flumes and a biggget wave pool.
  • The playroom was a smashing place to go but the council have not looked after it by doing necessary repairs


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