To: Robinsons Brewery

Save the Masons Arms

Save the Masons Arms

Please keep the Masons' Arms , New Mills open as a pub.

Why is this important?


Did you know that the last of the original New Mills pubs in the historical and conservation area of the town is under threat of closure? Well it is and we don't want that to happen so we have started a petition to see this gets stopped. If you would like to help then please sign our petition. Remember, once it goes there will be no more pubs in old New Mills and not one between the Royal Oak and the Printer's in Thornsett. That's a fair walk after a couple.

New Mills

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Reasons for signing

  • Too far to be my local but somewhere I did regularly and enjoyed. A little gem.
  • High Peak friends, some things are worth hanging onto, aren't they?
  • Historic pub, great place....


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