To: Simon Sharp - West Lindsey District Council Planning Department

Save The Woodland View at Dunholme

Save The Woodland View at Dunholme

Reject planning application 131087 for building on land north of Honeyholes Lane.

Why is this important?

It is important that the proposed housing estate that the application relates to be refused for the following reasons:

The proposed site for these homes is prime agricultural land with mature woodland to the west of the field in question, a mixture of native and fur trees creates a panoramic view enjoyed by all who walk, ride or drive down Honeyholes Lane, changing with the seasons from the frost laden branches of a winters morning to the full green glory of a summers day.

If this development is allowed to shroud the vista the only view will be from the back bedroom of the last house in an endless block, a swamp of bricks and concrete.

This land is also liable to flooding owing to the heavy clay subsoil causing sewers serving existing properties to overflow in a rain storm even now. The new building could only make matters worse breaching existing properties with a mix of raw sewerage and water.

If you would like to help us stop this monstrous development please contact West Lindsey District Council Planning Department with your objection on the following number 01427 676651.

Thank you so much.

Honeyholes Lane, Dunholme, Lincoln, LN2

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Reasons for signing

  • We need open spaces, not more & more houses.
  • Dunholme is FULL.There is no capacity left at the school or Surgery.There is also no plan to increase the size of either and NO FUNDS forthcoming either. The land is of a heavy clay construction and where will all the excess/surface drainage water go when the houses are built.It will take a tremendous amount of money to upgrade ALL the local 'services' especially if the other plans are approved for new builds on the south side of Honeyholes Lane.
  • Along with the other 2 proposals for land off Ryland Road & also opposite Dunholme Village Hall this is more housing than the Village can cope with. Why agree to "green site" developments when "brown sites" are supposed to take priority. Access to the A46 will also suffer at peak times. Other peteitioners have already supplied other valid objections.


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