To: The Scottish Government

Save Loch Lomond

Save Loch Lomond

Stop the proposed commercial themed property development in our National Parks.

Why is this important?

Loch Lomonds & the Trossachs are a National Park. They are not a commercially themed area. It is a place of natural beauty of which would be forever reduced if developments like this one get the go ahead. We must stand up to this as a strong voice against the commercialisation of a national gem for future generations.

This will in turn keep them free from these kind of planning applications for now and into the future. If we set a strong precedent the planning officials will know we wish to preserve our National Parks.

For those of you looking for a link to what is planned there has been so many differing reports. From some saying a theme park to others saying hotel & chalets. I've attached the article that was posted in the Daily Record. I'm no fan of that paper but you can see from the photo attached it covers a large area on the south end of Loch Lomond.


Reasons for signing

  • Don't ruin such a beautiful place with trash. How much of a kickback did the SNP get to agree to this??
  • The development will take up a green space where people walk their dogs & picnic in summers. The application lists a monorail & a brewery & cites education & development. We have great hotels & campsites already, we have a bird of prey centre, & the sea life centre already has a section about local wildlife providing education. Adding a brewery, a mono rail, a water park (think about the potential pollution), none of these in my opinion would improve a national park or provide education.
  • I don't believe this development is in the spirit of a National Park; the current development already intrudes on the natural landscape, secondly the plans will restrict current local access to popular parts of the lochside, thirdly I believe that once developers gain a foothold in this area further development will follow and a further threats to the area and access will follow.


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