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To: The Scottish Parliament

Scottish People Demand a People's 2nd Chamber

Scottish People Demand a People's 2nd Chamber

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to Create a People's 2nd Chamber in Scotland

As the Scottish Parliament is to be given more powers - meaning parties and politicians we don't trust will have even more power over us that is why it is vital to restore trust and unity that the people also get power in Scotland now too - not just the political parties who have between them divided the nation.

We - the people of Scotland - Yes and No voters - Unite Behind and Demand "A People's 2nd Chamber in Scotland" - a chamber of the people - not the Lords.

This Chamber will be advised by Lawyers to allow the people of Scotland to supervise the Scottish Parliament and every law they try to pass - this chamber will take over the power to consult the nation on all parliament plans - to ensure everyone in Scotland (like the Swiss) has sovereign power over parliament (politicians and parties we no longer trust)

And this chamber - with the advise of their own body of lawyers - will have the power - like the Swiss - to be able to veto or change any laws put forward by career politicians - after consulting with the people - to ensure the Scottish people we consult with are actually listened to and their demands taken into account - as this does not happen now - and this body will have the power on behalf of the people when they demand - to trigger a vote by the people (like the Swiss) if the consultation between the people and the People's 2nd Chamber proves the people want a say on whether a law should be passed or not -

This is a very stable democratic system - it works for Switzerland and it can work for Scotland - to ensure no party, no politician and no coalition can rule us against our will, introduce laws against our will any more

The time of kings is gone, the time of supreme political party power is over - the Time Of People Power has come of age - no longer will politicians control our lives from cradle to grave

We the People of Scotland (yes and no voters) unite to demand a Peoples' Second Chamber in Scotland

Why is this important?

With the scenes of fighting in Glasgow on the evening after the referendum result was declared YES and NO voters want to unite in Scotland behind the requirement for a "People's 2nd Chamber" In Scotland to ensure the rift caused by politicians is healed immediately and the trust between the people restored - and the politicians who caused the rift - none of whom we trust - are held to account by the people for ever more


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Reasons for signing

  • there to do the will of the people that is what you elect a peer to do so if they do not do the will of the people then we will sit over them and ensure that will is done and met at all times the corruption of politics needs sorting out and sorting out fast
  • The democratic voting process should be a 'not for profit' scheme and Peter Lilley is cashing in and is not impartial
  • This would be a reminder to politicians who they are employed by.


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