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To: Simon Kirby - Conservative candidate for Brighton Kemptown.

Simon Kirby: Join the NHS debate.


Despite over 700 signatures, a vast twitter action and member calls across social media - Simon Kirby did not deem the People's Debate on the NHS worthy of his time

Simon Kirby: Join the NHS debate.

Attend the People’s Debate for the NHS on Thursday 9th April. You’ve been our MP for the last 5 years - we deserve to hear what you think about the NHS.

Why is this important?

The People's Debate for the NHS is organised by constituents, for constituents. You’ve had months of notice and all other main candidates will be there. Please show us the respect of turning up and explaining how you’ve voted on our behalf.

We, and many others, feel that the NHS is a big deal this election and we would like to hear your thoughts for it’s future.

You were invited in January, and finally declined in late March - surely you want to let your constituents know more about your commitment to the NHS?

On your website you state: “I am 100% committed to the NHS” and there’s even a handy picture of you standing by an NHS sign.

So, surely you want to be part of the debate?!

Kemptown, Brighton

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Reasons for signing

  • Because a free Nhs is iimportant to EVERyONE in this country!
  • We need to be assured that the Tories fully support keeping the NHS public and not for privatisation under the radar as for care for the elderly
  • Representatives are obliged to represent their whole constituencies.


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