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To: Tunbridge Wells Borough Council Planning Committee

Southborough deserves better. Reject the Hub Plans.

Southborough deserves better. Reject the Hub Plans.

Please do not approve the Southborough Hub plans in their current state. We want new high quality designed community buildings that are fit for purpose and are centred around a refurbished Royal Victoria Hall (RVH). We want less of our playing fields lost to development, and less in-town traffic congestion, parking problems and pollution.

Why is this important?

This campaign is organised by the Southborough Environmental Action Movement (SEAM)

The Southborough Community Hub is being jointly funded and managed by Southborough Town, Tunbridge Wells Borough and Kent County Councils so if you live in these areas you will be affected by this project. You will also have an interest if you are concerned about the preservation of historic buildings and playing fields or the availability of local theatre venues.

The petition is a summary of these objections to the planning application:
1)The Hub is poorly designed and takes no account of the town’s varied architecture. The off-the-peg design complete with plastic cladding looks cheap and will quickly degrade.
2) Demolishing our historic RVH Theatre (i) is short sighted and costly. It is structurally sound, adaptable and needs investment and better management.
3) The Hub will be part funded by the building of 69 houses. This will mean the loss of 2 or more football pitches, in a town that doesn't have enough open spaces.
4) Over building of houses will increase traffic congestion, parking problems and air pollution.
5) The plan will destroy part of Southborough’s history, take away playing fields from our children, and badly affect the environment - forever.
6) We want a new scaled back and fully costed Hub plan (ii) that keeps the RVH at its centre, has less house building, and protects more of our green spaces.
7) We want the Planning Committee to reject the current plans so that they can be reworked to make them more acceptable to people in the town and users of the facilities.

(i) Gifted to the town by Sir David Salomons. Opened in 1900. First municipal theatre in the country.
(ii) A plan that tells us how much the Hub is going to cost local council taxpayers both now and in the future.


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