Stephen Williams: Apologise for misleading Lib Dem leaflets

Stephen Williams: Apologise for misleading Lib Dem leaflets

Apologise for Lib Dems delivering misleading election leaflets in Bristol West and take personal responsibility for making sure no more of the leaflets are delivered to residents.

Why is this important?

The Lib Dems have posted leaflets through doors in Bristol West claiming they were the ones who saved our forests from privatisation. [1]

However, the campaign to protect the forests was led by independent organisations like 38 Degrees and Hands Off Our Forests, not by the Lib Dems. [2] A few Lib Dem MPs did support the campaign towards the end, including by voting to challenge the policy in parliament, but the Lib Dem party as a whole did not. [3]

Where did Stephen Williams MP stand on this issue?

Parliamentary records show that when the governments' sell-off plans were debated in Parliament, on 2 February 2011, Stephen Williams voted twice in line with the government position. [4]

Stephen Williams voted against a motion which, amongst other points, called on the government to “rethink its decision on the sale of England’s public forest estate in order to protect it for future generations”. And he voted in favour of a government motion welcoming proposed access and conservation arrangements that would follow the sell-off of England’s forests.

Please sign this petition now to send a strong message to all the candidates, that political parties shouldn't give us misleading information to win our votes.

***** UPDATE *****

Stephen Williams MP has issued a response. You can see what he says here:

After hearing from Stephen Williams’ lawyers, the 38 Degrees office team has made some changes to the information on this page.

We apologise unreservedly for suggesting elsewhere that Stephen Williams was guilty of telling lies and withdraw that suggestion.

Stephen Williams’ lawyers have also asked us to remove the petition altogether. However we are not willing to do this, because we believe voters are entitled to challenge political parties, and their local MP candidates, to justify claims made in election leaflets where they may be misleading. We do not believe that Stephen Williams has so far produced evidence to back up the claims made in the Bristol West Lib Dems' leaflet that their party deserves credit for “saving our forests from privatisation”.

For more information see the following article:

[1] Here's a link to a copy of the leaflet:
[2] The Guardian: Forests Sell-off U-turn is a Victory for People Power:
[3] The Telegraph: Save our Forests, say Celebrities and Leading Figures:
[4] Record of the two votes:


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Reasons for signing

  • Stephen Williams is a conniving scum who would probably stab a child in the back to get hold of his ice cream.
  • Williams' is a charlatan and seemingly now a bully. Constituents deserve transparency and honesty from our government representatives.
  • Wish we had the vitality of the reinvention of Politics in Scotland. Can't wait for their MPS to shake up the Westminster world. As for this perhaps his apology should be from an occupied tree near the M32.