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To: Department of Health and Social Care (UK Government)

Stop babies from being born with preventable disabilities

Stop babies from being born with preventable disabilities

We are calling on the government to fund research into safer epilepsy medication so that babies will not be born with preventable disabilities caused by their mothers' life-saving drugs. Please sign our petition.

WARNING: No woman should stop taking her epilepsy medication without consulting her doctor. Seizures during pregnancy can harm a baby.

Why is this important?

Medicines, such as thalidomide and valproate, have had devastating consequences for thousands of babies.

But sadly babies are still being born today with preventable disabilities caused by their mothers’ epilepsy drugs during pregnancy. We are calling on the government to lead the world by making research funding for mothers and babies a priority, so that women with epilepsy can benefit from safer epilepsy drugs, free from the fear of preventable harm to their babies.

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • I want to know I can have a healthy baby when the time comes, and not have to risk stopping tablets that could equally be just as damaging. Im doing this for me and the many other young women going though the same thing, because we deserve healthy babies too.
  • I myself took epilepsy drugs during pregnancy and have 4 beautiful grown up children who have now had children of their own. I consider myself very luck for this (with or without epilepsy) however if this can help future mothers then it is worth the 5 minutes it took me to sign and write this
  • My son had a birth defect, but we were foetunate it wasnt worse. I was on Epilim whilst pregnant.


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