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To: Suzanne Pearce, Director of Jess Properties, Landlady


Tenant got a Council house


Stop the revenge eviction against Jess McLean and allow her to remain in the property with a new tenancy agreement.

Why is this important?

Jessica McLean is a single, working mum on a low income. Her landlords Jess Properties (no relation!), are trying to kick her and her two children out of their home so they can make more money.
They’ve tried raising the rent once, ignoring proper legal processes. Jessica really couldn’t afford it but desperate to stay she agreed. But she did ask that they repair the leaking roof and drainage problems first.
After they first pleaded poverty despite owning many houses in Bristol, she managed to convince them to sort the drainage and the roof. She was overjoyed.
But despite agreeing to pay the rent increase, the very next day, a hand delivered letter telling her to leave landed on the doormat. Jessica says “I couldn’t believe it. I begged them to be allowed to stay.” But every time the answer was: “Regrettably the decision has been taken.” The landlords confirmed that she has always been “an excellent tenant”. This is just about money: they want to charge a new tenant 25% more.
Last year Jessica was diagnosed with breast cancer. Things have not been easy for her recently and all she wants is a chance for a stable life for herself and her children.
Jessica is a member of ACORN, the community union. We advised her that the eviction letter was invalid and supported her to stand her ground. On Tuesday, another Notice to Quit appeared on the doormat. They are determined to get Jessica out. She doesn’t know what the future will bring and is understandably very worried. But she is determined to stay and we are committed to helping her.
A few weeks ago, over 12,000 local people called on CJ Hole to stop promoting exploitative rent increases in Bristol. Now Jessica is the victim of the same thing. This has to stop. We need proper regulation of this industry and rather than capping housing benefit, it is rents that need to be capped at a fair and affordable rate.
11 million people like Jessica rent privately across the country as local Council properties have been steadily sold off and house prices far outstrip wages. A third of our homes fail basic standards of decency and every year hundreds of thousands of us are evicted, often illegally, just for requesting basic repairs.
Jessica just wants the opportunity to make a life for herself and her family.
We need your help.
Please sign this petition to support us and stop Jess Properties trying to evict Jess and her children.

For more information on ACORN and our campaign, please visit:

Battersea Road, Bristol

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Reasons for signing

  • Wrong just wrong
  • Give housing benefit on PAYE (take the working tenant's share rent with PAYE) & pay the rent to the landlord, & tax the excess rent received by the Landlord @ source from the landlord (so the landlord has less incentive 2 levy a higher [net of housing benefit] rent). if the landlord persists in being unreasonable, the tenant should appeal 2 a regulator with power 2 force the landlord be reasonable or the property being forcibly leased via the council.
  • I am in a similar position to Jessica, and worry that this situation could happen to me, or any other single parent. Its not fair and single parents have a hard enough time without the worry of being evicted in the name of GREED.


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