To: FutureLearn

Stop changes and introducing charging for FutureLearn Courses

Stop changes and introducing charging for FutureLearn Courses

Remove charges to accessing course materials two weeks after courses have ended.

Reintroduce free access to course tests.

Reduce the fees payable for FutureLearn certificates and achievement statements to a more reasonable and affordable level for both UK residents and those overseas.

Why is this important?

Futurelearn provides free online course in hundreds of subjects for people across the world. The course are of the highest quality and often produced by renown experts in their own fields.

The plans to introduce fees to access course materials after courses have been completed, to access course tests and to charge between £27-£69 for access and certification will undermine the free access principle to these high quality courses.

Your ability or inability to pay should not prevent anyone from accessing this excellent resource used successfully by millions.

Reasons for signing

  • E Learning courses like these increase the skill base and are a valuable asset to people who cannot afford to pay for courses - they should remain free.
  • The discriminatory charges & time penalties make valuable learning opportunities impossible for so many people in UK & other countries who can't afford to pay, and those restricted by mental/physical disability/health, care commitments, etc who can't complete a course within a short timescale. The changes strip away so much of what's been precious about FL until now. There are other ways for costs to be covered without penalizing & discriminating.
  • I have used Future Learn along with thousands of other people but introducing charges will seriously restrict people like me from accessing FutureLearn courses in future - people need free access to these courses


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