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To: David Cameron, Ed Milliband, Nick Clegg & Natalie Ben

Stop Demolition Of The Aylesbury Estate (2700 Council Homes) NOW!

Stop Demolition Of The Aylesbury Estate (2700 Council Homes) NOW!

We Call ALL Leaders of The Political Parties to address: London’s Chronic & The UK Wide Housing crisis and conduct a full scale public inquiry into Regeneration of Council Estates

STOP DEMOLITION - Social Cleansing & “Regeneration Sacm Schemes” Of London’s Council Housing Estates NOW!

Our communities in London are being raped and pillaged WHY: Due to Lord Adonis IPPR ‘City Villages’ social cleansing of London policy!

We are fighting to stop the Aylesbury Estate (and we support other London Estates) from these murky Regeneration Schemes.

Council Estates ARE being demolished and falling into PRIVATE Developer’s hands!

Council Estates are ALSO being transferred to Housing Trusts and being demolished yet again state owned housing falling into private hands - with HUGE catastrophic losses of secure tenancies and truly affordable homes.

These Regeneration schemes are destroying our communities and forcing Londoner’s out of London

The mass demolition and destruction of London’s communities and mass social cleansing being perpetrated IS against the FUNDAMENTAL democratic values Labour & Tory were founded to respect!

Alarmingly council employed lead staff managing and brokering these regeneration schemes do not respect overwhelming democratic votes of: NO (like in our case 73% No!) to regeneration and are steam rolling & demolishing entire communities – including long term small independent businesses too

Bear in mind the current, Southwark and Creation (with a big budget!) Trust endorsed “Aylesbury Leaseholders” is dominated by non-resident landlords and those able/willing to move out of London.

We would like to point out: Creation Trust does NOT represent residents on The Aylesbury Estate who ARE opposing demolition - working together with £0 Budget, and support from our residents & good people helping us: London Wide!

This whole process needs change there is TOO much ‘autonomy with ZERO accountability! What’s really shocking: the amount of 'lead' Council Regeneration staff jumping ship (once plans are bulldozed through) to work for regeneration developers when deals go through

The housing crisis s being further fuelled by Lord Adonis (who grew up on a Council Estate! Andrew WAS lucky enough to have gone to University & done very well for himself!) IPPR ‘City Villages’ social cleansing of London policy – This badly researched policy is not fit for purpose and must be totally dismissed.

See Equates to the TOTAL destruction of ALL Council Estates!

City Villages – IS The WRONG solution to London’s housing crisis see

We constantly hear from ALL communities under threat of regeneration 'we are never allowed any say or input to the plans: its all totally developer lead, the council put the developer first and our community last. When we ask for support from our MP's & Local Councillors: we get none! Which is a big problem for communities (on low pay) as we do not have the financial resources (like they do) to employ the best Lawyers and legal advice money can buy'

When Council Estates are demolished. The number of Council homes lost are NEVER replaced! i.e Heygate Estate 1,212 council homes lost. Newbuilds on the Heygate site: 2,735 new homes. With ONLY 79 for social rent! Again the now murkily disguised 'affordable' housing that is not actually affordable rent it's 50% - 80% of market rate! Meaning none of the ex Heygate residents will NOT be able to return with these kinds of rents! Ironically in 2012 an appraisal study by global architects Gensler showed that the Heygate could be comprehensively refurbished for a total cost of £35m!

In 1998 £57million given to Southwark Council under the Aylesbury New Deal for Communities (ANDC). Repairs & upgrading of the Estate - where has it all gone! Now Southwark Council wants to demolish our homes & comminities - due to bad management and repair work it has not done!

Large Estates can be successful for communities - when managed properly i.e Barbican Estate!

Ask ANY resident living on an Estate - all we want is good managment, fixes & repairs to our homes: So do them up - STOP DEMOLISHING our communities out of London - for private profits!

Furthermore with the UK economy being firmly based on house/property prices & shopping! Is yet another total recipie for disaster: of the boom bust cycle again!

We need More council homes built, not demolished for fake affordable and property speculating scams!

We dare you (All Political Parties) to be BRAVE and put the GREAT back into Britan by building Council Homes for the workers on low pay!

FINALLY we URGE a cross party full scale Public Inquiry into Regeneration Of Council Estates & The Social Cleansing Of London’s Communities – for private profit!

Why is this important?

Communites ARE The Fabric Of What Makes London Such A Great Place!

Our long term & generational communities are being destroyed by the 'Great Regeneration Con' (Council Housing falling into developers pockets!)

We are fighting to stop the Aylesbury Estate (and other London Estates) from being demolished - for Developers Profits!

Aylesbury Estate MUST be retained as Council Housing: refurbished and re populated as originally built and intended for: London’s working class communities. This is a PUBLIC ASSET and provides a revenue stream for the local authority - as well as much needed homes for local residents on low wages

In 1997 Tony Blair visited the Estate after winning the general election and promised that ‘Nobody Should be forgotten’ and declared tenants & Leaseholders could have what we need and want. In 1998 a whopping £57million given to Southwark Council under the Aylesbury New Deal for Communities (ANDC). Repairs & upgrading of the Estate - yet no repairs were done!

In 2002 a local resident resigned from Labour and stood as an independent in the estate’s Ward (Faraday) to defend the ballot. The Labour MP, Harriet Harman and the Council THEN PROMISED SOLEMNLY to RESPECT the Ballot. THAT PROMISE WAS A LIE

Roll forward to 2015 after all the £57million spent on no repairs & broken promises! We are now facing the OPPOSITE of what we voted against (73% No Demolition & NO Housing Trust take over) being forced upon us

Aylesbury estate – like scores of other Estates (70 and rising) across London & now beyond – ARE being handed over to property speculators under the cover of unaccountable so-called Housing Associations and Housing Trusts who are maximizing profits (50 – 80% market value rent charges) NOT meeting existing residents social and housing needs

With rampant rise of Council homes being stock transferd to Housing Trusts residents lose their ‘Secure Tenancies’ face rent hikes. Recently housing associations quietly switched thousands of tenancies to higher rental rates converting them from social housing (real affordable rents) to new age abuse of the word affordable: 50-80% market rental rate! Again a massive negative impact on low wage earners (many on zero hour contracts/part time work!) in London’s communities

Full detailed information surrounding the Aylesbury Estate see: 1). 2).

It is important EVERY Londoner living in a COUNCIL HOME must be made aware of our plight and fully understand: “Social Housing” has become a CON – a cover for Social Cleansing - a one-way ticket to places in which no ordinary person can afford to live.

We urge EVERY one living in COUNCIL HOUSING to support our petition– As YOUR Estate & Home could be next in line for REGENERATION

Council Homes Lost (conservative approx) in London to date: 8,000 and rising!

The living heart and soul is being ripped out of London. AS WE SPEAK the nearby already demolished Heygate Council Estate

Strongly recommend you look at the links below to show the full SHOCKING facts, broken promises and murky goings on: surrounding the Heygate Estate 1). 2). 3).

After the war the UK was on its knees yet Labour and Tories competed to build Council housing like there was no tomorrow – and they did!

It is only a matter of POLITICAL WILL – WE the ordinary working people need to UNITE and persuade ALL political parties to put a stop to the social cleansing of Londoners from their homes

URGENT addressing is required: The Regeneration con! Stock transfer Cons! The ONLY winners ARE Property Developers, Construction Co.’s Property Speculators Buy To Let Landlords – this is at the expense of ENTIRE local communities ordinary tax paying Londoner’s – who do not offshore assets to avoid paying tax!

A BREIF list of estates under threat of demolition (high proportion- in Labour run boroughs) - regeneration BUT for WHOM: we all ask!

Aylesbury Estate, Balfron Tower, South Kilburn Estate, Cressingham Estate Knights Walk Estate, Coleville Estate, Sheerwater Estate, Brune Bernard Carter Estate, Broadwater Farm Estate, Central Hill Estate, Myatts Fields Estate, Carpenters Estate, Love Lane, Ravensbury Grove Estate, Alma Estate, West Kensington Estate, Gibbs Green Estate, Havelock Estate , Dollis Hill Estate, John Walsh Tower, Fred Wigg Tower, Excalibur Estate, Robin Hood Gardens Estate –There ARE many more not on this list!

Soon to be demolished: West Hendon Estate - an entire communities homes 'GIVEN' away for £3 by Barnet Council!

Council Housing Estates Lost forever: Ferrier, Heygate, Woodberry Down, Kingsland etc etc

More info - not enough space on page to list all!

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Reasons for signing

  • Don't agree with social cleansing . It's managed neglect. Should invest money in council houses as housing is a right not a privilege
  • Social housing not social cleansing! homes for all!
  • The Council's duty is to serve their residents not put up 2-fingers by calling on Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia etc. Social engineering is ANTI-SOCIAL - STOP IT NOW. LONDONERS NEED HOUSING NOT THESE RICH SO-AND-SOS.


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