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To: Financial Conduct Authority

Stop Insurance companies from Auto-renewing

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Colin Haig
Stop Insurance companies from Auto-renewing

Stop Insurance companies from Automatically renewing policies without consent..

Why is this important?

Annoyance, harassment & extortion in your own home, having to waste precious time sitting in answerphone queue's. Being contacted by emails which are impossible to reply to and given no reasonable or easy options to contact these companies in time.

One year policies are a one year contract, after this term is over the contract ends. Companies should not by law be able to open a new contract without consent then harass the public or extort by threat of fines/bailiffs with legal address after doing so.

End their ability to be able to take money out of any bank account without direct agreement beforehand, people can end up with multiple annual insurance amounts coming out at the same time. This can be crippling on finances and cause debt or non payment penalties and untold amounts of stress, this should not be possible..

Law or legislation is allowing them to do this, it is time this was changed.

How it will be delivered

By the most effective means possible

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • I want to be asked if I want to continue with the same company.
  • Auto renewing insurance and increasing the price is a disgrace, it's not a minor increase compared to the previous year either, they increase it usually by around £200 per year for me, they seem to have a few sly tactics as well, such as not sending the renewal documents to make it harder to shop around and claim it was lost in the post and if you automatically renew one year, the next year, the increase is even higher, its as if they add you to a sucker list.
  • Tired of dealing with these arseholes, they survive from public money so should be playing ball with the public


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