To: Derby City Council

Stop plans for waste incineration plant In Chester Green, Derby

This campaign has ended.

Stop plans for waste incineration plant In Chester Green, Derby

Refuse planning permission to Envirofusion Ltd to build a waste incineration plant in Chester Green

Why is this important?

Waste incinerators have been proven to produce toxic fumes containing cancer-causing dioxins and particulates. In Belgium, long-term monitoring has identified that cancer cases around plants have doubled, and the increase is set to rise to 5 times the comparable average over the next few years. Children are particularly vulnerable - current 'safe' levels are based on short- term exposure of adult males. Other effects indicate increased problems with asthma and immune-deficiency conditions.
Waste incinerators burn recyclable waste - they are not a solution to waste management and they exacerbate environmental hazards. Waste incinerators all over the country are causing serious problems for local residents, and continually breach safety guidelines, even by their own admission.
Residents in Sinfin have been fighting waste incineration for years. Signing this petition may halt plans for a plant in Chester Green and open up talks for constructive waste management in the city.
Find out more about waste incinerators :

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The Health Effects of Waste Incinerators 4th Report of the British Society for Ecological Medicine Second Edition June 2008 Moderators: Dr Jeremy Thompson and Dr ...


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