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To: Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, Greg Clark

Stop renter evictions during the cost of living crisis!

Stop renter evictions during the cost of living crisis!

Freeze rents, suspend no-fault Section 21 evictions and stop renters in arrears being evicted automatically during the cost of living crisis

Why is this important?

My name is Emma. I was evicted using a “no fault” Section 21 eviction along with my seven year old son, because my landlady decided she wanted me out of her property.

I was only given only 2 months’ notice to pack up my life and find a new home for me and my son. It was impossible – so I was made homeless by my landlady’s decision.

The ‘reason’ for us being evicted? She wanted a friend to move into the property – completely disregarding the fact that this was our home, the stability my son needed and my own poor health.

Now, we’re living in temporary social housing. It’s unsuitable for my needs and those of my son but, with rents rising through the roof during this cost of living crisis, it’s impossible for me to find an affordable home in the private rental sector.

I don’t want anyone else to experience what we’ve experienced. But this cost of living crisis means more and more renters are being kicked out of their homes as their bills and rents soar.

Right now, landlords can raise the rent by hundreds of pounds per month, and the tenant has little option but to accept it. If the tenant tries to negotiate, the landlord can serve a Section 21 which can’t be challenged. If the tenant can’t pay the rent and gets into two months’ arrears or more, the landlord can serve a Section 8 notice which, again, can’t be challenged.

This is why I reached out to Generation Rent to start this campaign. The government needs to act now to tackle the cost of living crisis and protect renters who are being forced to choose between staying on top of rent and putting food on the table. To choose between living and merely existing.

Only if the government freezes rents and stops these types of evictions will millions of renters finally begin to get some sense of security during this cost of living crisis.

Watch my video explaining my story and why I am so passionate about the abolishment of Section 21, a rent freeze and the end of economic evictions.



2022-08-05 09:43:16 +0100

Emma has made a video to go alongside her petition explaining not only her own story but also why Section 21 needs to be abolished now and a rent freeze needs to be introduced. Watch here:

2022-06-22 14:28:46 +0100

The ONS have recently released new statistics on rent increases showing that they are at their highest since 2016, with the East Midlands being the worst hit with a 4% increase. With the added pressures of the cost of living crisis, now more than ever we need a rent freeze and an end to no fault evictions - renters can only wait so long.

2022-06-16 12:47:43 +0100

The White Paper on reform to the rental sector has been published today. Whilst this is a welcome step forward there is of course concern about what could happen between now and when legislation is passed. Read what will be in the White Paper on the government's website here:

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