To: The Royal Mail / The government

Stop Royal Mail collection changes

Stop Royal Mail collection changes

Reverse the decision to make the postman collect from postboxes, in an effort to boost profits and cut service.

Why is this important?

For my small business this means our local post box which gives us a first class service before 5 pm is lost. The mail will now be collected at 9.00 am by the delivery postman. This effectively adds a day to a first class service.

Royal mail say that we will have a post box within half a mile, that still gives a normal collection. For me this means a drive into town, to the main post office, where there is no convenient parking, and essentially will take half an hour out of my business day The Royal Mail say they have done a consumer consultation, but who did they ask? I cant imagine anyone thought a cut in service was a good idea. Royal mail is a very profitable company, and cutting service is just profiteering.


Reasons for signing

  • I post franked mail in the special envelopeds provided. Thid now means that if I post after 9.00am my post is out of date ! Been doing it without realising until today.
  • This is another fallout from privatising what should be a public sector organisation. We need to remember that, by law, the first duty of a limited company is to make profits for its shareholders. The customer's needs come second.


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