To: Home Secretary

Stop the Abuse of Grandma B

Stop the Abuse of Grandma B

Barbara Hofschröer is an 83 year-old, disabled great-grandmother. She has been subjected to a sustained campaign of abuse, which is now into its fifth year. Her abusers include ranking officers of North Yorkshire Police, the senior management of the City of York Council and local politicians of all parties.

Lord Maginnis of Drumglass has kindly raised her case in Parliament (please see: but the Home Secretary is refusing to act to stop these corrupt officials from plundering her assets.

We wish to force the Home Secretary to restore the rule of law to North Yorkshire.

Why is this important?

Grandma B's case is the tip of an iceberg. Corrupt officials and politicians are systematically targeting vulnerable, old people and plundering their assets.

North Yorkshire Police are also up to their necks in covering up for Jimmy Savile.

Nobody in North Yorkshire can possibly be safe until this rampant official corruption is dealt with.

For more about the story, please google: "The Abuse of Grandma B"

Reasons for signing

  • this is institutionalised fraud by the so-called caring services who have become greedy corporatists. all those involved in this racketeering should be arrested and charged with demanding money with menaces.
  • I'm incensed that this blatant organised crime and violation of human rights is allowed to happen; and that the citizens of North Yorkshire, who are funding these domestic terrorists through their taxes, are silent and inactive. What are they waiting for?!
  • This is a total outrage, how anyone can do such EVIL to someone like Grandma B, just leaves me with no words, to express my disgust. These despicable corrupt officials, politicians and police, should all be sent to JAIL, there they belong. Also if Mrs May the Home Secretary, does not do her job, then it will look like, yet one more Government cover up. If that is the case then I feel that Mrs May, should join these CORRUPT and EVIL people in JAIL.