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To: Ministry Of Defence and David Cameron

Stop the MOD from building at Stonehenge, resulting in blocking out the sunrise

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: 38 Degrees have received an email from the MOD saying "If the areas being considered for housing development North East of Stonehenge were to be selected, the detailed designs would ensure that there was no adverse impact on the view of the sunrise at the stone circle. We are consulting with English Heritage, they are advising on the approach UNESCO would be likely to take (as they designate World Heritage sites)."

Stop the MOD from building at Stonehenge, resulting in blocking out the sunrise

Please do not build new houses near Stonehenge that will block out the sun rise, light, and ruin the countryside.


Why is this important?

Stonehenge is a valuable commodity for the English Tourist board. It is also the spiritual home of Pagans and Druids all over the United Kingdom.
To build houses that cut out the sunrise, and prevent the Solstices from being celebrated as many have done over many years would be awful, not only that, it would ruin a beautiful landscape.

It would stop a good percent of Stonehenge visitors from going and have a dramatic consequence on the visiting public to that area which will affect our tourist industry.
Please do NOT build at Stonehenge.

How it will be delivered

Email signatures to the Government and MOD


Reasons for signing

  • I grew up near Stonehenge and went to Salisbury Art College. It is iconic for me and has great spiritual significance. It must not be marred in this way.
  • I come from Wiltshire - I grew up walking the stones every Sunday as a child. The commodification of Stonehenge in my lifetime has eroded the spirituality of the site - lets not destroy it completely?
  • Don't touch stonehenge.


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At 2.29am GMT, the petition was sent to the MOD with a huge number totaling 9,511 signatures.
So all that signed - THANK YOU
However... We want you to carry on signing because this is NOT over yet.
So, please, keep signing and keep spreading our campaign out there - it is important.
They must not destroy our Stonehenge.

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