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Take Action on Verastar/Unicom

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Take Action on Verastar/Unicom

Clear Business, Unicom, Kinex, Woav, Economy Gas and many other trading names are owned by Verastar. They are taking long term and valued customers and providing them with unfair, untruthful contracts and causing a great deal of financial problems for businesses. See Trustpilot for an insight

Why is this important?

Clear Business, Unicom, Kinex, Woav, Economy Gas and many other ‘trading name’s are all under the Verastar Ltd umbrella and they all share the same directors, CEO and trading address. Originally known as Unicom, they registered a change of name at Companies House soon after Ofcom fined them £200,000 for mis-selling. Below is my experience of this terrible corporation:
4 weeks ago, I was approached by a salesman for Clear Business Ltd, who at that time were supplying my water and electricity. He suggested that I ought to incorporate my phone and broadband into this, and claimed a charge of £13.99 for each phone line per month (2 phone lines so £27.98). From that moment on, having swiched to them, they have caused nothing but trouble. They provided me with a faulty router so my internet signal was intermittent, meaning that I was unable to send attachments on my emails. In a business like mine (I am an Art Dealer), it is vital that clients see what I am offering. Moreover, I was unable to upload any new stock onto my website, and as I do a number of deals online, combined these factors have lost me hundreds, if not thousands of pounds in business. Unanswered phone calls and leaving me on hold for a great deal of time further angered me, even hanging up on me, and my first bill included an "installation fee" of £99, which I was not told about. So last week I decided to cancel this contract early and move back to my old provider. With great reluctance, they agreed to this but stated there would be a termination fee. Then, this morning I received a letter saying that my cancellation fee was £498.00 for each telephone line, so £992.00 in total, if my maths is correct! I find this completely unacceptable after such a shoddy performance from them.
For all the stories, someone has even set up a website exposing their way of business:

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