To: MP Margaret Beckett

The NHS is not a market commodity

Dear MP,
It is imperative that we continue to oppose what the government are doing with our Healthcare. We need to unite to keep our NHS public and develop greater awareness of the proposals being conducted under false premise. We need to come out of the dark to face the dark.

Why is this important?

As concluded by Unite, we face:
*greater costs
*service quality decrease
*health inequalities
*fragmented services
*race to the bottom in staff terms and conditions
*merging services compromising the overall quality of care
*lack of consultations
*continous undermining of healthcare professionals, having no interest in their views or expertise.


Reasons for signing

  • I am pleased that one of my local constituents has taken a lead and very eloquently made the link between her own family experience of the NHS to the issue facing the whole country: private sector vultures seeking profit from healthcare.


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