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To: Kirklees Council

The Problem of Littering in North Kirklees

The Problem of Littering in North Kirklees

I want Kirklees Council to compile and resource an effective environmental clean up strategy, and, at the same time, devise a schools and public awareness campaign in order to engender some sort of civic pride and respect for our local environment within the community.

Why is this important?

Hi Everyone,
Are you saddened by the state of our litter strewn streets, green spaces and road verges?
The effect this has on the Quality of your life.
The impression it gives to your children, and visitors to our area.
Then please take a minute to sign my petition and get involved.
I am fed up of living in an environment resembling some sort of impoverished third world country.
Travelling back from out of area I am greeted by litter strewn verges and streets. How will this help the regeneration of Dewsbury and the Spen Valley?
This is just not good enough!
We need some fresh ideas and out of the box thinking.
Sign up for updates etc.
You can send me your ideas and suggestions if you click on the contact box on the left

How it will be delivered

I hope we are on the way to 3,000 votes!!
If this threshold is reached then the full Council has to debate this issue, not just the 9 member Cabinet. I will compile a cleanup strategy for them to debate with your help.
I may have to start an official Council petition if the Council will not accept this one.
I'm open to ideas on how to present it.
If you want updates without signing up then I will try and post updates on the enclosed Facebook Page I discovered.

North Kirklees

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Reasons for signing

  • The roadside down Webster Hill into Dewsbury is adisgrace due to litter being thrown from vehicles.
  • North Kirklees seems to be affected by litter. The council appear to be taking no steps to deal with it.
  • I am originally from Dewsbury my family still live here, and when I come home I cannot believe how much litter is in the area! I went for a walk on The river Calder today to look for nature and sadly all the river banks were all full, I've never seen anything like it and driving in the car you often see it all at the side, it's the green spaces that worry me, we need to protect them, but also the look of the town it makes it look unkept


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