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Unlawful blanket attack surveillance on defenceless members of the public

Unlawful blanket attack surveillance on defenceless  members of the public

Attacks are happening everyday on defenceless members of the public by unscrupulous operators making use of blanket communications surveillance powers.This has been deemed illegal by the Supreme court of Europe.Now it seems our politicians want to just ignore that and pass a law which allows them to usurp freedom and human rights, whilst not maintaining proper accountability over misuse of this facility.This is leading to many members of the public living in a fairyland woven by unscrupulous operators to harass them for their own perverted amusement.

Why is this important?

Our fore fathers fought the Nazi,s, to try to eradicate this sort of thing, from progressing in the free world."Now is the time to ask whether they died in vain!" ,when this sort of thing can happen, in an alledgedly free country.
Thousands are being kept in a fairytale world, where there is no hope, tortured to find employment, improve their lives, when there is no chance of doing so.
This can happen to anyone.It's time for people power to say "Enough".

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered as an electronic printout, to parliament,s lobby, where an MP will be called down to receive it.


Reasons for signing

  • there has to be privacy or we are all in danger of state blackmail. If there are issues out there they should be tackled in open forum


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