To: Better leisure centres

Warm up our swimming pools

10/08/17 - We Won

Thank you for signing the petition Warm up our swimming pools, we have actually managed to make a change! After I received all of your signatures I sent the petition the the management of Better to complain yet again about the temperature. The response I had was that which we had been hoping for.

They are now going to monitor the temperature in the swimming pools closely and have promised to increase the temperature by a degree to be a consistent 30 degrees from TODAY!!!!! Please make sure this is being done in your local pools if it is still cold please let me know.

Finally please share our success, let everyone know you have been part of the change! Thank you again so much for all of your help. I can't wait to take my daughter swimming.


Celeste Lewis

Warm up our swimming pools

Increase the temperature of all the swimming pools in their leisure centres in Cardiff from 27 degrees to at least 29 degrees as it used to be when the council owned them.

Why is this important?

When you take a child swimming their teeth shouldn't be chattering after 15 minutes in the swimming pool. You should be able to enjoy going swimming not worry that you can't take a baby in to your local leisure centre because the pool is too cold. Since Better has taken over the leisure centres in Cardiff the temperatures of the pool have slowly but significantly dropped this is unacceptable and is affecting the health of our children by preventing them to exercise properly and subjected them to sudden temperature changes. This must be amended.


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