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To: Michel Barnier, EU Commissioner for Internal Market and Services

We have hours to save fake Chagall!

We have hours to save fake Chagall!

Dear Commissioner Barnier, Please protect the rights of Mr Martin Lang, the owner of the fake Chagall, and ask the Chagall Committee not to allow the destruction of the painting but to look for less drastic alternative solution.

Why is this important?

The BBC television programme ‘Fake or Fortune’ broadcast an item on 2 February in which one of my constituents, Mr Martin Lang of Leeds, had bought in good faith a painting by Marc Chagall entitled Nude 1909-1910 for GBP 100,000. Research conducted by the programme suggested that the picture may be a forgery. A final opinion was sought from the Paris-based Chagall Committee, presided over by the artist’s grand-daughters. They assert that the picture is a forgery and have now threatened to invoke their right under French law to destroy the picture, possibly immediately. I hope that a less drastic alternative can be found as I believe that this piece should be preserved for its own sake. At the very least, the picture may be used as evidence in any future criminal proceedings.

How it will be delivered

We will email the signatures to Commissioner Barnier.

Reasons for signing

  • This beautiful painting could later turn out to be genuine but from a later period than original seller thought. Also it is beautiful in it's own right & could be clearly stamped on back as suspected fake & recorded by the Chagall Committee in their record books.
  • This man should be able to keep his painting if he likes it, especially as he has agreed to have it marked as a fake. If 90% of the Russian paintings out there are fakes, what difference is destroying one going to make? New technology might prove it to be genuine like the 3 Turner paintings which were thought to be fake but turned out to be genuine. #common sense
  • It's a terrible thing to destroy art which people can enjoy, whoever the artist.


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