To: zanny.lomas District manager Job Centre plus

where is our childcare

where is our childcare

We would like you to ensure that European Social funding made available to support access to employment and inclusion, fills the gap in specialist childcare for families with disabled children so that we can work.

Why is this important?

An investment in specialist childcare provision to remove barriers to employment for families with disabled children will save the local government TEN times their investment in reduced benefits. European Flexible Support Fund can be used flexibly by Job Centre Plus district managers to best meet the needs of the local population. One in four families in Birmingham has a child with an additional need. We ARE the local population and we would like to work, to study and have childcare when we need it.

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Reasons for signing

  • Specialist childcare makes such a difference for the community!
  • Specialist childcare is such a vital issue.
  • Make a difference


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