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Electronic Harassment Law

Electronic Harassment Law

Covert Harassment UK was created in December 2014 to assist electronic harassment victims in the UK. The importance of providing advice to educational, legal and medical organisations about remote neural monitoring, the somatic and genetic effects of non-ionizing radiation, use of unique brain frequencies (brain mapping) and manipulation of a target's physical and cognitive functions should expedite the development of a framework to protect society.

Electronic harassment is a term referring to the use of electronic devices to harass, torture, or physically harm a person that emit an electrical current, impulse, wave, or beam to incapacitate temporarily or permanently, injure, or kill (Michigan Public Law 256 2003 and 257 2003). The software manipulates the central nerve system in order to record and send private thoughts, controlling and sending from the computer to the brain cells physical and cognitive orders for the brain to action.Corrupt secret services linked to terrorism and mafia dealing in drugs, human trade, prostitution and paedophilia use these governmental contacts and frequencies to sell and train using computer terminals linked to states. Democratic states can legally use the software to monitor terrorism and criminality with hacking and scanning of biosignatures taking place regularly from these mafias.

Berkley City Council considers electronic harassment under a ban on all space weapons in support of the Space Preservation Act. (Sep. 10, 2012) Republic Act, 10175, September 12, 2012. S.No.2796, H.No. 5808. The Philippines includes the law under Cybercrime, Republic Act, 10175, September 12, 2012. S.No.2796, H.No. 5808. Massachusetts and Russia also consider electronic harassment under Chapter 170, 2004 Acts, Section 140 from the General Laws (131J) and Law No. 150 of Dec. 13, 1996, Sobraine Zakonodatelstva Rossiikoi Federatsii (SZ RF) (Collection of Russian Federation Legislation) (official gazette, in Russian) 1996, No. 51, item 5681 (hereinafter Federal Law on Weapons). The latter prohibits weapons and other objects whose destructive action is based on the use of radioactive radiation and biological factors.

Politicians, military, households or businesses are targeted depending on the aims of the foreign countries or terrorists linked to mafias and foreign states. MI5, MI6 and counterterrorist police in the United Kingdom have the license to use remote neural monitoring software to protect the country; although one-to-one protection is not possible resulting in millions of deaths since the 1950s.

We are requesting an amendment to the cybernetics law to protect civilians and civil servants against remote neural monitoring software together with associated microwave technology in the United Kingdom.

More information about electronic harassment and bibliography can be found at

Why is this important?

Health Effects

Non-Ionising radiation results in the following illnesses amongst others as a result of electro-magnetic frequencies targeting the individual's biosignature:

- Alzheimer’s
- Parkinson’s
- cancer
- leukemia
- blindness
- infertility
- lack of sleep
- forced speech
- voice to skull
- sudden heart attacks
- blindness
- urine incontinence
- stillbirth and children’s disabilities
- suicide and self-harm
- increased violence or calm using crowd control
- drug addiction, theft, prostitution and other criminal activities resulting from grooming with electro-magnetic frequencies.

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Electronic abuse is growing and needs to taken seriously by government authorities. I am a victim.
  • Covert Harassment UK cannot be reached. Website?
  • I am being tortured daily by Microwave/ Directed Energy Weapons, I had an ankle broken last year and now they are trying to break my other foot, and severe hits to the eyes..daily...


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