• Do not remove the second fire engine from Oakham Fire Station
    If you are not aware, the decision has been made to remove the second fire engine and retained Firefighters from Oakham Fire Station on the 31/03/16. Removing the second fire engine and retained Firefighters from Oakham Fire Station will mean slower response times to emergencies, which will have a significant impact, putting life and property at greater risk in Rutland and surrounding areas. There is also a very high likelihood of the Heavy Rescue Unit (HRU) also crewed by Oakham retained Firefighters and used for incidents involving larger vehicles also being removed. You may be aware that Uppingham are now recruiting retained Firefighters…..! This is because they are under crewed and struggle to keep their fire engine “on the run” (available for calls). If the second fire engine at Oakham is removed, the fire engine at Uppingham in most cases will be the fire engine to cover Oakham when the first fire engine (Oakham’s first fire engine) is on a call. When Uppingham are not available it could be a fire engine from Melton or Leicester covering. We all understand that money has to be saved, but removing front line services in not the way. We all pay our council tax with a proportion of it going to Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Combined Fire Authority (check your council tax demand notice for details). We do not mind paying this as we all feel that if we are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident or a fire, with rapid response from the fire service hopefully the outcome will not be too severe. If the removal of the second fire engine goes ahead leaving a greatly reduced service, putting life and property at greater risk in Rutland and surrounding areas, do you think we will then be getting a discount in our council tax to reflect the change…? I doubt this very much, so we would be paying the same for a greatly reduced service. We cannot let this happen, we need to keep all the people of Rutland and surrounding areas as safe as possible and respond to emergencies as quick as possible. This will be your last chance to make your opinion count; I fear that if the second fire engine is removed there will be no chance of it returning. Please sign the petition.
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    Created by Steve Atterbury
  • Animal Welfare Team Brighton and Hove
    Brighton and Hove receives an invaluable service from this department. Any reduction in its' services will lead to pain and misery for both animals and humans in the community. Charities such as the RSPCA cannot manage this workload alone!
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    Created by Chris Pickles
  • Swearing an oath should be secular.
    British society and its legal proceedings should be secular and not alienate. I recently attended a swearing of probate and was handed a bible before being asked to repeat the words of the lawyer. When I asked the lawyer that I wanted to swear an affirmation, I was made to feel awkward. The lawyer claimed this was the first time such a request had been made. It is clear that many of us merely accept a christian oath as the accepted format, and by doing so perpetuate a procedure that no longer represents our society.
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    Created by Alan Dawson
  • bus stops outside lewisham police station
    they want to move the bus stops 150 metres from where they are. many people use these bus stops, including a lot of pensioners. i believe there can be a better solution than moving the stops.
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    Created by peter willson
  • Permit free bus pass use before 09.30
    Wiltshire Council have a logo that states: 'Where Everybody Matters'. Clearly this is not the case if you're elderly, disabled or have a disability and qualify for a bus pass to enable you to maintain your independence. Our son has Aspergers as well as other complex issues and he has been able to maintain a work placement with the use of a bus pass that has a carer's entitlement on it. Now he will find it difficult to attend his work placement as he has to be there before 09.00 am and also to except these changes. It has taken us two years of hard work to get him this far and also to obtain this very important life line to maintain his independence and enable him to feel part of the community. Now he will have to pay for the bus and also any carers that go with him as he qualified for a bus pass under the councils guidelines for obtaining one now their putting further restrictions on his travel and his independence. We have elderly men and women who served in the forces during the war to defend this country and this is how Wiltshire Council treats them. DISCRIMINATION is a powerful word and this is what Wiltshire Council are doing to a large section of the community in Wiltshire that are dependent on these bus passes to maintain there Independence and also to be less dependent on Social Services or the Health Authority.
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  • The NHS is not a market commodity
    As concluded by Unite, we face: *greater costs *service quality decrease *health inequalities *fragmented services *race to the bottom in staff terms and conditions *merging services compromising the overall quality of care *lack of consultations *continous undermining of healthcare professionals, having no interest in their views or expertise.
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  • No VAT on UK Air Ambulance Fuel
    In a life threatening emergency the Air Ambulance Service is your lifeline no matter where you live in the UK. If you live in a rural area it is often your ONLY lifeline because it is too far by road for you to be treated within the golden hour. See also the BBC program "An Hour To Save Your Life" http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03xkwyb
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  • Cycle Routes on A66, A19, A689
    I have spoken to stockton borough council today about their cycle path policy, there are plans in place and I am waiting for a copy of them to be emailed to me, they have £750 K in the pot and that will mostly be spent on eaglescliffe, stockton and some other places. Wynyard & Billingham don't seem to have anything assigned to them as they are waiting on a decision as to whether the hospital goes ahead and the building of the school and approximately 1200 houses, shops etc. If and obviously it's a BIG IF, this all this goes ahead, the builders or whoever is responsible will have to fork out for the cycle paths and new road infrastructures. WELL that's all very well I said, BUT what if it doesn't ? 2 people have been killed on their bikes in just over a year that is 2 people too many for my liking, 2 families devasted. What are WE going to do about it ???? We need to do something now and get something sorted just incase, we need to work together as a little town to sort this out.... Yes he said you are right !! Think my school mistress persona took over a little bit. oh and by the way, my mistake about their policy not being updated since 2006 it was 2011......... 3 years ago. The council seems to be using the pot of money they have to build cycle paths in the most unnecessary places. I disagree with them expecting others to do their job, what cost do we put on peoples lives ?
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  • Stop Children's Centre and Nursery Cuts in Cambridgeshire
    These centres provide crucial universal and targeted support for parents, carers and young children. This withdrawal of funding will cause irreparable damage to the service, increase risk and vulnerability across the county, and mark a reversal of the 'Every Child Matters' agenda which is striving to eradicate inequality for under 5’s.
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    Created by paula champion
  • Railway Matters (And Railways Matter)
    A national need, highlighted by the resent desperate situation in Cornwall: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-26042990 Also large areas of central of Wales and the English Midlands (not least Lutterworth and many towns and villages in Leicestershire along with those in many other counties in the Midlands and the North) were deprived of services when the Great Central and local lines were closed. Beeching's "one route only from major city A to major city B" left thousands of towns and villages without rail access, also leaving many major towns in close geographic proximity without direct links. Roundabout routes may be OK for freight and mail, but they simply are not efficient for commuters, especially at a time when pollution, energy needs and road maintenance costs all point towards the better, greener alternative; rail. This is made all the more relevant by the need to reduce road traffic, and plan for a more environment-friendly future.
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    Created by Tony Seaton
  • Stop the privatisation of MoJ shared services
    This is obviously important to us. No one wants to risk being unemployed, see their job out-sourced, relocated or sent overseas. There is a very real threat that our work will be “off-shored”. But it’s important to many other people even if they don’t know it. We deal with data that is sensitive personal data belonging to Ministers, MPs, hundreds of thousands of civil servants including myself, and external clients and it should stay in the UK where our laws protect its use. We need to show the decision makers that we want what is best for our workers, our communities and UK tax-payers - not what is best for the profits of private companies based overseas, with loyalties only to their shareholders. Our colleagues in Newport have received considerable support from your parliamentary colleagues and we hope that we can rely on similar support from you and other Merseyside MPs.
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    Created by Laura Lloyd
  • Let People Power determine Privatisation of Public Services
    Public sector organisations belong to the public and should not be sold off to private interests without consulting those who currently own them, and have funded them so far. Privatisation outcomes so far have rarely been to our profit or benefit.
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