• No War with Syria
    I believe this War is simply a ruse to escalate the problems in the Middle East and enable the West to take more resources from sovereign states. This is the stated plan of the Military Industrial Complex. We should not take part.
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  • Mr Cameron: Act now to stop caste discrimination !
    Victims of Caste based discrimination deserve immediate legal protection to avoid continued suffering. The Government is proposing an unacceptable delay in bringing what is already law, into force. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/caste-discrimination-legislation-timetable Here are just some of the many hundreds of cases showing that caste-based discrimination is a fact in the UK in 2013. - Mr G endured intimidating, hostile and degrading environment at the hands of so called Upper Castes at his work place. He was forced to resort to hunger strike action to draw attention of his employer to his plight. - An elderly lady is not given attention in a care home in accordance with her care plan due to discriminatory actions of Upper Caste care administrator. - Children in schools routinely face caste labelling and name-calling resulting in Bullying and harassment in Schools. A Pupil endured Caste bullying where he could not complete GCSE projects due to negativity and violence of those around him. - A professional couple at a law firm endured caste based bullying, intimidation and harassment as a consequence of inter-caste marriage. Superiors at work did everything to dissuade them from marrying resulting in harassment, snide remarks and denial of pay hike and promotion, eventually culminating in his dismissal after several years in service and her resignation. This discrimination is confirmed not only by the many victims but also by Government-commissioned independent research from the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (2010) and other sources (see http : //niesr.ac.uk/sites/default/files/publications/caste-discrimination.pdf). We therefore demand the following: 1 The Government must act quickly to give effect to Parliament’s intention and to protect actual and potential victims of caste discrimination; 2 The Government must act immediately to set a new and prompt timetable for any further consultation; 3 Any consultation must start as soon as possible and must last no longer than 12 weeks; and 4 Any consultation must in any event end in sufficient time for the making of an Order under the terms of s.9(5) of the Equality Act 2010 by June 2014 at the latest.** ** petition still active due to government procrastination
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  • Introducing a Living Rent
    I'm 27 and I live in Brighton, where rent on a one bed can be £650-£750 per month. On my wages this is not affordable. The same is happening all over the country. It is making it harder for young people to be independent. Also capping rents would leave more disposable income to inject into our failing economy.
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  • Boris Johnson: Scrap London's twinning with Moscow
    Russia's new anti-gay law is a new and dangerous step in Russia's recent descent into authoritarianism. Vladimir Putin is now actively seeking scapegoats to secure his position as Russia's President. This is a very worrying step and we should all be concerned at the turn of events. Russia's anti-gay law forbids anyone from "promoting non-traditional sexual relations'. In practice, this means anyone can be arrested and jailed for something as simple as coming out, wearing a rainbow pin or demonstrating in public. This is wrong. If London ends its twinning link it would send shockwaves around the world, all the way up to the Kremlin. Autocrats like Putin only understand concrete action. If we continue to allow him to roll back the frontiers of democracy in Russia, we will only pay a price for it later when we finally have to confront reality. It's time we drew a line in the sand and said 'no more.'. If London took the lead and ended its twinning links with Moscow over the draconian anti-gay law. It would empower other cities like Berlin, Paris, Chicago and Madrid to end their twinning links with Moscow and send a message to the autocratic regime in Russia, that this slide into violence, homophobia and hatred will have consequences for Russia's place in the world. In Moscow, and hundreds of other Russian cities. Russian citizens who happen to be gay now live in fear. They are forced to hide who they are for fear of beatings, victimisation and even murder. By ending our twinning links we are showing Putin that we do not condone his nasty scapegoating. This isn't just an issue for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender people, but one of basic human rights and the right to live free of persecution. We are all LGBT Russians. The anti-gay law is emblematic of the wider descent into autocracy, corruption and dictatorship that has marked Vladimir Putin's regime. Kremlin critics are murdered with little attempt to find their killers, free media is harassed, shut down or taken over by the Kremlin's state-owned firms. Putin's is systematically crushing all opposition to his regime. Now it's the turn of Russia's LGBT community, who's next? London is a city that welcomes everyone, no matter of where they came from or who they are. Everyday there are thousands that make the journey to our great capital city to live their lives and fulfil their potential. London offers the chance to be yourself and to be accepted. This is London's great promise to the world. Mayor Boris Johnson, show us that you put the rights and freedoms of human beings at the top of your agenda. Protect this great city's reputation as a beacon of freedom in the world. End the city twinning with Moscow.
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  • Accept the Lewisham hospital decision
    Appealing the decision would waste still more taxpayer cash which should be spent on making the NHS better. It would cause continued damaging uncertainty and anxiety for NHS staff and local people. The decision to close vital Lewisham services was completely flawed and has now been found unlawful. The government has already spent hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in a misguided attempt to close Lewisham hospital services. It should stop now, not throw good money after bad. If the High Court judgement were to be overturned, no hospital anywhere in the country would be safe from closure. See www.savelewishamhospital.com/ and www.opendemocracy.net/ournhs for more information.
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  • Stop government-specified internet filtering and search blacklisting
    As you may be aware, there are already numerous methods of blocking access to pornography where parents wish to do so. A block at the ISP level takes what is and is not blocked out of the control of parents, with potentially dangerous results. Video chat sites aimed at teenagers and certain social media sites are (as identified by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, CEOP) some of the places paedophiles go to prey on children, but as these are not 'adult' in nature they will most likely not come under the block. Parents being told their internet connection is being filtered for adult content to protect their children will therefore believe their children are 'safe' when they are in fact being left exposed to serious risks. The emphasis should be on educating parents about dangers like these, helping them to set up their own restrictions so their children are protected, and highlighting the fact that no blocking software or filters are a substitute for parental supervision. Restricting access to information based on blacklists and filtering at the ISP level represents a severe curtailment of civil liberties. Such practices are typically employed by governments wishing to restrict access to information and ideas they find threatening or undesirable (the aforementioned People's Republic of China being a good example). Prime Minister Cameron took the opportunity to also state that certain 'extreme' fantasy material (involving no illegal acts) would now be made illegal in all of the UK, signalling his intent to restrict access to material that is currently legal. Sure enough, one week later it was revealed that the ISP filtering may cover far more than just pornography; categories of materials that may be blocked include violent material, extremist related content, anorexia and eating disorder websites, suicide related websites, alcohol, smoking, and even web forums and so-called "esoteric material" (see http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2013-07/27/pornwall). I would urge you to carefully consider these points when and if these issues are debated in the house. The CEOP previously identified other priorities for protecting children from abuse such as finding ways to monitor hidden and encrypted networks, and greater inter-country law enforcement cooperation. I believe these approaches should be selected in preference to the measures mentioned by the Prime Minister, measures that will ultimately fail to catch the most serious perpetrators and are themselves open to serious abuse.
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  • Public inquiry into the implications of GCHQ's 'Tempora' programme
    Given the recent revelations about GCHQ's 'Tempora' programme UK citizens are facing the greatest threat to their civil liberties in this country's history. Indiscriminate surveillance is being collected on the populace on a massive scale with no public mandate or accountabilty. This is being allowed through a legal loophole which would have been legitimised with the Snooper's Charter. If this kind of system is allowed to exist at all at the very least it should have a mandate from both the public and parliament - with external accountability and auditing. No publicly accountable body currently exists to audit this programme.
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  • Cameron as 1st yr Student Nurse - 24hrs
    To stop marginalising healthcares future workforce, to stop 'blaming' groups of hard workers in the NHS for government cut backs - you cut staff = decressed level of care. It's that simple Mr Cameron, the smaller work force work harder, for less pay (you capped that) and you still insist on blame and interfering with our training - how are you qualified to make such statement and change to a profession that will far out live that of your own [fact]. In response to your snide, unfounded & what I'm pretty sure is borderline liable little comment - the least you can offer is one 12.5 hour shit in a NHS hospital, I'll even boil my uniform for you.
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  • Stop the UK from sending weapons to Syrian rebels
    We believe that arming the rebels will not end the conflict in Syria or contribute to that end. Further we believe that sending weapons to the rebels could lead to the escalation of the violence in Syria and the wider Middle East region.
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  • Drug Justice - pharmaceutical companies should pay for their mistakes
    We are campaigning to make these two pharmaceutical companies compensate the people where their drugs have caused injury and disability. Currently, ordinary British people pick up the whole bill by paying out of taxpayers money for the mistakes made by foreign pharmaceutical companies instead of them paying out of their own profits. Neither of these two pharmaceutical companies have compensated any of the people they have injured. The next medical disaster for the unborn baby, which is still being suppressed, is Sodium Valproate. The drug Epilim (Sodium valproate) - marketed for people with epilepsy and also used for depression, migraine, and pain relief among many other complaints - is sold by a French pharmaceutical company called Sanofi. No warnings were given to pregnant women between 1973 and 2004 that this drug is dangerous to the unborn baby. It is still being prescribed today to pregnant women without warning. What will we do with the petition you are signing? With thousands of signatures on the petition we will: Ask you to write to your MP requesting the UK government intervenes with the German government, as it is the German government which is protecting Grunenthal. Invite you to attend a demonstration outside the German embassy at a specific event – date to be announced. Your signatures will encourage MEPs here in the UK and across Europe to become involved. Why across Europe? 95% of the people affected by thalidomide are in Europe. This is a European problem. What is the point of the EU if it doesn’t assist when European drugs affect everyone? This will be the first time ever in history to get a European solution with all relevant national governments involved. The EU with the back up of all the national governments can find a solution to these disasters. Thalidomide is the name every politician knows. We can do this – we can succeed because we are the brand name. Epilim is the current identical story as thalidomide and is still being prescribed to pregnant women. Thalidomide is believed to have been invented by the Nazis during the Second World War. The drug resurfaced in the fifties and by 1958 was being marketed as a 'wonder drug'. Over the next four years it was responsible for over 20,000 deaths, tens of thousands of miscarriages in pregnant women and 6,000 babies born with gross disfigurements, the likes of which the world had never seen. To this day, it is the biggest medical disaster in history. 467 of those babies are still alive in Britain today. Up until now, 50 years on, Grunenthal has refused to compensate its victims. Epilim received its licence in 1973 and although the drug company Sanofi were aware of its teratogenic affects in pregnancy, the information was never given to the women taking it. Epilim (Sodium Valproate), as with Thalidomide, was named as the ‘Wonder Drug’ for Epilepsy and between 1985 - 1995 was the ‘drug of choice’, however it is now prescribed for a range of conditions, raising the amount of women taking it during pregnancy. By 1995 there were numerous medical papers discussing the affects of the drug on the fetus and was given the name of Fetal Valproate Syndrome, but still the information from the drug company was ambiguous. By January 2013 a medical paper was released explaining that Epilim was responsible for the affected children also having the diagnosis of Neurodevelopmental disorders and Autism. Numerous other papers around this time stated that approx. 48,000 babies had been exposed to Valproate and that 20,000 had been affected by it. For 40 years the burden of care has fallen upon the taxpayer and despite their statement of Corporate Responsibility, Sanofi still refuse to accept their accountability for the devastating effects of their drug. Story My name is Billy Burton. I am a 50 year old victim of the drug thalidomide. I have short arms, clubbed hands with only four fingers on each hand. I also have problems with my ears, nose and throat, respiratory problems, neurological problems which affect my nerve endings, and musculo-skeletal problems, which affect my neck, shoulders, arms, hands, spine, hips, knees, and feet. I am already losing the dexterity I have and in the next 5 to 10 years I will lose the ability to shower, dress, go to the toilet on my own, and feed myself. The reality of losing my independence is frightening and now, as it has started to happen, I have to prepare for the future. I already need to make alterations to my house and must find the financial means to fund carers and medical needs. Grunenthal are worth an estimated 11 billion euros. I would like them to compensate all thalidomide affected people financially, in order that we can live our twilight years in a degree of security and in the comfort that I think we deserve. We don't want your money, just your support. Please put your hand on our wall at www.showyourhand.org
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  • Rename Tattenham Corner Emily Davison Corner
    In 1913 Emily Davison ran in front of the King's horse and was killed, in what was probably the most historically memorable event of the movement for Women's Suffrage. Emily Davison should be remembered, as should all women who campaigned for women's suffrage in the early 20th Century. The place where she made her stand should carry her name so that her sacrifice will always be remembered
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  • Call for a public enquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko
    UK coroner Sir Robert Owen, under pressure from Foreign Secretary William Hague, has said a legal inquest will exclude material implicating either Russia's state agencies or the UK security services. Seven years after the death of her husband, Marina Litvinenko is no closer to knowing the truth about his death. This is a travesty of justice at the heart of Westminster and a disgrace to the people of Britain. Many other lives were also put at risk - in London, Moscow and Hamburg and on planes and vehicles in which the Polonium was transported. The public deserves an answer too. see: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-22579463 http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/may/17/alexander-litvinenko-widow-slams-william-hague?INTCMP=SRCH
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