• Proportional representation in Labour's 2015 manifesto
    The electoral system we've got currently leads to millions of wasted votes (15.7m, or 53%, in 2010), safe seats (almost 400 of the 650 seats), inflated parliamentary majorities for the largest party (whoever that happens to be) and a huge discrepancy between a party's votes and the seats they get in parliament. But, more importantly, it leads to voter apathy. If you suspect your vote is unlikely to make any difference, you're much less inclined to turn up. If you don't turn up, you're less inclined to take part in the political process generally. And if people stay disengaged from politics in this way, we can never build a society that involves all people and gives all people a say in how the country is run. People suspect that political parties are only in it for their narrow tribal instincts, that getting one over on your opponents is the only thing that matters. Ed, we ask you to show that the Labour Party is based on democracy and fairness. Put PR in your 2015 election manifesto, and let the British people have a full say in who governs them!
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    Created by Rob Telford
  • Stop the Cuts in Gateshead
    The gradual withdrawal of services will eventually mean the end of local democracy as the council becomes ever more pointless and powerless. For example as part of its budget proposals Gateshead City Council is proposing reduction of branch libraries to 12 and the withdrawal of professional support for 5 libraries which may or may not continue being run by volunteers. This comes on top of massive staff cuts last year and more proposed in the future. Local government may not be perfect but it's better than a mish mash of services provided by charity or multinational companies like G4s or SERCO.
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    Created by Dave Sh Picture
  • Implement the recommendations of the HASC drugs inquiry
    The recommendations of the inquiry are very modest and the absolute minimum that should be implemented, particularly as the evidence heard by the committee was highly selective and heavily biased in favour of the existing policy of prohibition. The inquiry failed to examine the vital issue of medicinal cannabis at all and ignored the interests of the 95% of drug users who cause no harm to themselves or society. Had it done so its recommendations would have been far more radical. It is a disgrace, a waste of public money and an insult to every voter that David Cameron rejected the report immediately and then confessed the following day that he had not even read it. Despite what it claims, British government drugs policy is not evidence based. As both the National Audit Office and the Public Accounts committee have declared, it is based on ministers' opinions - expert advice and evidence is rejected out of hand. Approaching £20 billion is the annual cost of present drugs policy and millions of lives are blighted by unscientific, cruel, irrational and prejudiced government action. Full implementation of the inquiry's report is the very minimum we must accept.
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    Created by CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
  • Scottish Independence Referendum - Make Voting Compulsory
    In Alex Salmond's own words, this is the most important question facing Scotland in the last 300 years. It is vital then that the decision either way is not made after a small turnout at the polling booths. Apathy must not be a deciding factor in such a momentous decision. I am proposing that Prime Minister David Cameron urgently introduces a bill at Westminster to ensure that all voters in Scotland are compelled on this single occasion to vote. If individuals express a view that this infringes human rights then all they need to is attend a polling booth and 'spoil' the ballot paper.
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    Created by Ronnie McInnes
  • Our Houses
    It will prove to the prospective voter that you are a man of the people and that you understand that the scandal of MPs expenses has finally been put to bed.
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    Created by Bob Mooney
  • Reconsider the GCSE reforms
    We know that GCSEs are not working. We know that our education system is working solely due to the immense and highly admirable efforts of those who work tirelessly to improve the chances and opportunities of young people. We have the opportunity, as a people, to radically evolve this system. For a summary of why this government's proposals are likely to cause immense damage, see http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/sep/17/michael-gove-gcse-reforms?newsfeed=true. Some of the world's most foremost experts in education, who have all achieved spectacular results, have suggested a very different route. See for example http://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinson_says_schools_kill_creativity.html. Rather than ignoring them, the government could and should make use of their considerable expertise. By taking the small step of revising the proposals through a committee of learning experts, the government has the opportunity to make positive and informed reforms that will benefit each and every child in the UK for generations to come.
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    Created by Samuel Morgan
  • Combat Youth Unemployment
    With nearly one million young people unemployed in the UK today we believe the government could be doing much more to get us back into work. The Coalition recently set out its proposal to tackle the issue via the Youth Contract but we dont think it goes nearly far enough. Long-term youth unemployment has risen by 247% in the last year. We are living with the consequences and they are devastating. Stress, low self-confidence and even depression are just some of the tragic effects of youth unemployment. Our fear is that our generation is becoming a lost one. For too long this issue hasn't been properly addressed. We want the government to formally agree that they will do more by implementing our proposals. We have already spoken with Ed Miliband, David Miliband, Stella Creasy and Damian Collins about our campaign and are actively planning to get more appointments with key members of the Coalition. The more signatures we can get here, the more weight will be added to our cause so please support us. Thank you from approximately 1 million of us! Find out more about the Campaign to Combat Youth Unemployment at http://www.channel4.com/battlefront
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    Created by Ava Patel
  • Uncomplicated Lords Reform
    No need to use a sledgehammer to crack this very tiny nut of an issue. This small device will do it in one easy, democratic, stroke.
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    Created by Derek Johnson
  • False Manifesto promises
    It would ensure that the Electorate get the Government and Policies that they have voted for, and not simply just a Political Party serving its own and it's friends and sponsors self interests.
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    Created by John Ingram
  • the Full Restoration & increase in OfGens management powers over the utility companies
    We all know to our cost that Competition between Energy suppliers is a myth When one increase its prices then the rest are quick to follow Ofgen gave up control as it naively thought that completion between the companies would do its work for them, but they forgot one important fact that all major companies naturally like to for cartels in order to ensure their continuing profits When one increase its prices then the rest are quick to follow as we know to our cost Politicians like to patronise the public & they think that we are stupid when they say shop around but we all are aware that this advice is fatuous
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    Created by John Potsey
  • Do you believe the current plans for NHS restructure are necessary?
    Should we try to ensure the basic welfare standards via accountability, or is a profit driven NHS is preferred? Could there be a way that a less privatised NHS is able to produce the same efficiencies as the semi privatised version currently touted supposes it will?
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    Created by Lee Fox
  • Urge the Conservative Party to return the donation from Polly Peck
    John Major and other senior party members pledged to return the donations if Nadir was found guilty of fraud - this was a Conservative party commitment which they should honour.
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    Created by Angela Steatham Picture