Their is a lot of upset and disbelief which can upset a lot of families who may be in a chain of buying and selling and giving unnecessary costs to all those people involved just as we ourselves have found out this week, Solicitors , Packing, Removal people costs and items bought ready for the new home, in our case three families have bee affected by the actions of one of these horrible people.
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  • Put a cap on MPs (members of parliaments) wages.
    MPs wages NEED capped, The whole of our country/public services are struggling while the people who are making them struggle enjoy a £1000 pay rise, It is completely UNACCEPTABLE how our dedicated nurses/doctors/police etc work their absolute hearts out for a bang average wage while MPs are raking it in, Minimum wage £7.50 per hour while in 2015 it was reported the PM would receive £149,440 Per year and cabinet minsters £141,505, That is completely unacceptable when a our nurses barely see a tiny percentage of that! its time to change what our priorities are, and it most definitely is not and should not be making sure people who are cutting funds to our NHS still live the high life. I was working for a company because i was 20 i was getting like £5 something an hour and i have my own house, i couldn't continue doing it, just goes to show the difference in peoples wages.
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  • Stop "Prayer For The Day" on BBC Radio 4
    Surely it is inappropriate to broadcast prayers, i.e. religious propaganda, as part of the BBC's flagship radio news programme? This doesn't happen on any other radio or tv news broadcast. The Today programme otherwise purports to be a serious news programme and takes a neutral position in its news coverage. It should similarly adopt a neutral stance on religion, drop all theologically-biased features, and become a secular programme
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  • Save St Mary Bredin School House from developer destruction.
    We must try and preserve Canterbury's historic buildings and not destroy them! This modern structure will look put of place and blight the local landscape. Too much new student accomodation in the City!
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  • Put politicians on minimum-wage
    So we can see how fast things change for the working class
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  • Release Public Donations for Grenfell to buy Housing and Possessions for the Survivors. Now
    Money Held and not used for the purpose it was Donated is Theft
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  • Devolve policing from Westminster to the Welsh assembly
    It seems ludicrous that Westminster is considering devolving policing to Greater Manchester, a region of England, yet completely brush the issue to the side when it comes to Wales. Scotland too has their own criminal justice system, so how does it make any logical sense not to devolve this area of government to Wales?
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  • Restore A&E 24/7 at Weston General Hospital
    Currently A&E at Weston General is closed between 10pm and 8am. Seriously ill and injured people are being taken over 20 miles to Bristol or Taunton.This puts patients health under grave risk and fatalities are inevitable due to the time it will take to get people to a functioning A&E.....if an ambulance can be found.
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  • Keep brexit-mixed marriages together.
    Partners in brexit-mixed marriages don't know if their family will be torn apart by political horse-trading. The stress of not knowing what the future holds for them is unneccesary. Giving them dual citizenship is an humane solution and is the easiest thing to set up. It avoids creating special categories, procedures and measures to administer.
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  • Use marble instead of granite on all military headstones
    Give or war heros a lasting memorial worthy of the sacrifice they have made
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  • Save Burton Hospital Stop the Derby Takeover
    Earlier this year, leaked documents have revealed that Derby Teaching Hospital Trust will merge with Burton Hospital Trust The documents reveal that such a merger could have wide ranging implications on clinical areas including: Cancer and Stroke Care Orthopaedics Radiology Acute Medicine   The documents show that some services could be lost from Burton and moved to Derby* We have the following concerns Concerns over loss of services at Burton Hospital Threats to staffs jobs, terms and conditions A lack of transparency in the process. Proposals to increase levels of privatisation Further pressure to remaining Hospital services in Burton and Derby
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  • Release the report into sources of terrorist funding
    Given the recent horrific terrorist attacks in Manchester and London, it is imperative that the government is seen to be doing everything it can to root out the causes and funding of hate and extremism. A report with such significance should not be suppressed.
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