• Recognise PCS Union at National Museums Liverpool Trading Cie
    Workplaces that recognise unions tends to have better levels of pay, happiness and do provide better services to their users. National Museums Liverpool is a public service and should not be exploiting its workers, many of them only earning just about the minimum wage. Many employees of the NML Trading company are local young people and they deserve as much respect as their colleagues employed directly by the museums. As NMLT is fully owned by the museums, museum bosses should not pretend they cannot act or ensure better standards. Yes there have been budget cuts for museums but surely union recognition would not cost a penny and if workers were getting the real Living Wage and decent hours of work, they would be spending their wages in the local economy and not having to consider claiming benefits.
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  • Make Higher Education free in the UK
    Higher education has fees around £9000-£20000 per year. Not everyone can afford this education to pursue their career. Let everybody have equal opportunities to have the education if they want it. Help society understand that all education is equally important.
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    Created by Sophia Eden
  • Put the pension age for men back to 65
    Its important because doing hard graft at 65 is bad enough never mind 70... Manual workers shouldn't be made to work till their 70 its a disgrace. Sit behind a desk yes... but digging roads, on roofs etc is a disgrace. They have worked long enough at 65!!
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  • Scrap Council Tax
    Council tax is unfair because it doesnt take ability to pay into account but is based on the value of your home not your income.
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    Created by Barry Lee
  • Build A Road From Fort William To Caol
    For four months, during the high season there are frequent two mile tailbacks with traffic crawling in first gear and when there are accidents - which are unfortunately way too frequent - the whole of Fort William grinds to a halt for hours on end. This is having a terrible effect on the local economy and on tourism. It could easily be rectified with the addition of an alternative route to Caol. If money can be found to build a second road bridge over the mighty Forth then surely money can be found to build a bridge over the humble River Lochy.
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    Created by Dee Sunshine
    His final and lasting recommendations (including an award for his wife's stylist!) reek of croneyism and will only serve to diminish any reverence for, or belief in, the Honours System. It is time for a thorough review of the rules and practices governing these matters.
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    Created by Timothy Donovan
  • Hold a General Election to decide Brexit Government
    Because the UK must now to take steps to begin to function as a sovereign country independent from the European Union, it is only democratic that the people of Britain are given the chance to elect a party who they believe are best suited to run the country following the Brexit vote. The state of the country has changed vastly since the last election and many would agree that a conservative government are not desirable in a post-Brexit Britain. The people must seize back the power by voting in a new election for the government in which they now have confidence.
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  • Say No to Jericho's Stolen Resources
    The Dead Sea cosmetic products company Jericho Cosmetics trades from stalls in Aberdeen’s Union Square and Trinity Centre. Dead Sea products are made with minerals illegally extracted by Israeli authorities from occupied Palestinian territories surrounding the Dead Sea. We appeal for a peaceful boycott of all Dead Sea products and for the closure of Jericho Cosmetics stalls on the following basis: 1- The extraction and commercialisation of resources from an occupied territory by the occupant is prohibited by UN resolutions and the Fourth Geneva Convention [1]. This is exactly what Israeli authorities are pursuing by commercialising Dead Sea cosmetics. Notably, Palestinians have no access to such resources. The exclusive access of resources to a section of the population based on ethnicity amounts to apartheid as defined by the UN. 2- The Israeli army has created 4 military checkpoints in the West Bank and has enforced inhumane restrictions of movement on Palestinian civilians. This seriously impairs the life of tens of thousands of Palestinians living in the West Bank, including children, who have to go through these checkpoints every day to reach their schools and hospitals [2, 3, 4]. The Israeli army is also fostering an apartheid culture by stopping Palestinians from accessing the beach resorts while these are being used by Israeli citizens [5]. 3- The Israeli settlements have hijacked the fresh water resources, with the consequence that now some Palestinians are consuming less than 40% the minimum recommended by the World Health Organization. This also means that the traditional Palestinian agriculture is becoming unsustainable [2]. Sustained campaigns in Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh have resulted in the closure of Dead Sea cosmetics stalls in shopping centres across Scotland. We urge Aberdeen’s Union Square and Trinity Centre to also distance themselves from the theft of resources and human right abuses by removing Jericho stalls from their premises. Aberdeen Branch, Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign References: [1] http://www.cjpme.org/fs_146 [2] http://www.btselem.org/publications/summaries/dispossession-and-exploitation-israels-policy-jordan-valley-northern-dead-sea [3] http://www.btselem.org/jordan_valley/other_resources [4] http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-1.677426 [5] http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/palestinians-barred-from-dead-sea-beaches-to-appease-israeli-settlers-846948.html
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    Created by Aberdeen Branch Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  • Parliamentary Elections by Proportional Representation
    1. The influence of the 2 main parties (both currently in chaos) is reduced avoiding the confrontational debates (- and we can have a new circular debating chamber outside London designed to avoid opposing benches) 2. Minor parties (Greens, UKIP) get fairer representation. 3. The Labour and Conservative parties could split yet still retain their voices. 4.The resulting Coalitions require politicians to COMPROMISE. 5. We avoid being governed by a party which represents a minority of the people.
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  • Government to uphold and act on recent referendum result to leave EU
    This is VITALLY important as this is our democracy at stake. If the government overturns or does not act on the majority vote to leave the EU then we truly do not have a voice in this country any more. We might as well live under a dictatorship. Where will it end if the government decide to not leave the EU against the wishes of majority of the British people - will they then hold a second election in the general election if they do not get the vote they want??! Please support this petition, there is everything at stake here. If we allow the government to renege on their promises now then this gives them open licence to do it again and again in the future and democracy will be truly dead and buried.
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    Created by Jane McDonnell
  • A second EU referendum that allows 16-17 year old to vote!
    This is important because the future of the UK should be decided mainly by the younger generation and NOT the older generation who properly won't see the impact that they have put on the UK for leaving the EU!
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  • Make Honours independent of the Prime Minister
    Every year we have a tawdry process of the Prime Minister using honours for influence and to reward friends and donors to their party. Celebrating people who do important work for others in public service, the business/charity sectors and popular figures in the arts, sport and media is important and the main purpose of having an honours system. Political interference devalues the reason for having honours. There is no reason why an independent committee could not ensure appropriate balance in the awarding of peerages where the recipient has a declared political allegiance.
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    Created by Martin McCrea