• Regularize Streaming Deals pro music artists
    It has never been clear since the dawn of the digital downloads era and we, the artists, often earn a very little income from selling a good amount of our music works which cost us a lot of time, love and money. It is important because the music industry is in crisis because of greedy companies like these (Deezer and others). Whilst I am a full time working musician, working hard and struggling to survive, these people and their employees which little have to do with music, make 20 times our profit just by addressing the products WE create, somewhere. ITunes for instance has a much fairer share of the profits with the artists who sell on it. I am a music producer, band leader of a successful Funk band, having sold 1715 copies of my first album on spotify and having earned 5.4€ from it sounds rather offensive. This is not the way the music business should go as they are killing the arts and the art of recording albums. I shall make my money back from the works I sell, not funding my music through borrowed money. We demand a fairer share of these streamed music deals, because in the past they've promised that they would give us more when they'd have more subscribers. Spotify accounts for 20 million active users and still pays artists around 0.002 pence per stream. This has to come to an end!
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    Created by Matteo Grassi
  • Daylight Robbery
    For many women reaching sixty was within sight when the state pension age was raised. The nearer they got the further away it was moved. Some women have been robbed of six even seven years pension, thousands of pounds, without a murmur of protest but now the reality of continuing to work has hit hard and for many this is a step too far.
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    Created by Sarah Biddlecombe
  • Rid the UK of the Gender Pay Gap
    It is important so that our daughters know that when they study, work-hard and contribute to society in the same way as their male counter-parts, they are not penalised for the sex they happen to be. In today's, modern, inclusive society where anti-discriminatory practice is common-place, we believe it is the Conservative Governments duty to implement equality of pay, regardless of sex. The gender pay gap currently resides at 10%, meaning men earn 10% more just for being men. How can we hope to encourage more women into Government and the boardrooms of the country when the pay gap exists on top of the many other barriers to success women may face? Sign our petition to give women true equality in the work-place.
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    Created by Marie-Claire O'Brien
  • Better provision within education for SEN children
    All children deserve the right to reach their full potential. Education should be fully accessible to all, not just those who are capable of helping schools reach target figures .
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  • Subtitles on streaming of Welsh Assembly sessions
    I am deaf and very interested in local government and politics in Wales as are many other deaf and hard of hearing people. There are 10 million deaf or hard of hearing people across the UK. Something like 110,000 in Wales and the figure is always rising. It is incredibly important for deaf and hard of hearing people to keep in touch by using social media and computer access as so much communication is out of reach if you are deaf. There fore subtitles become an essential tool for communication in this day and age.
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    Created by Jackie CHARLTON
  • Wheelchair Users V Pushchairs & Buggies on buses
    Being passengers in wheelchairs should not be made to wait at bus stops sometimes for over an hour to wait for the next available bus. Also in 2004 a disability law was brought into the country by the government at that time to help the disabled.
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  • Westminster government to comply with European Directive 2004/38/EC
    To uphold a basic human right that families are united. I am an UK citizen married to a Russian citizen. France has granted my wife the right of residency (a carte de sejour) this entitles her to visit most EU countries without the need for a visa. European Directive 2004/38/EC (https://eumovement.wordpress.com/directive-200438ec/ ) The UK government will not fully comply with this directive but It will allow entry to the UK to anyone who has an Estonian or German certificate of residency. One can only assume that the Westminster government considers that other EU countries are too liberal when it comes to issuing certificates of residency.. This is an insult to the integrity of other EU States, in our case France. They are suggesting that France issues such documents without careful examination. I can assure you that is not the case their enquiries are vigorous and searching. My wife and I had intended visiting the UK earlier this year to visit friends and relatives but the UK Visa and Immigration Office refused her a visa on the basis that she does not have her own financial means to fund a visit. The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled that UK rules requiring visas for non-EU family members of EU citizens entering the UK are in breach of EU law and the matter has been referred to the High Court in London for final judgement. Procrastination by all the agencies involved affect many people who simply want to visit the UK. I implore you to support my petition to get the UK government to respect the Human rights of a family to be together. We only want to visit, there's no way we'd intend settling in the UK. How did we get in ? We arrived in Calais and took our chances. Fortunately the two Border Agency employees at the sharp end were sensible people and agreed with us that the decision by the UK Border Agency to refuse her a visa was ludicrous and gave her a 6 month tourist visa. She enjoyed her visit and we will not be applying for another visa. If the UK government persists in breaking the law i.e. the EU Directive 2004/38 then if we ever decide to revisit the UK at some date in the future Catherine will do so on a French passport. On 19th May 2015 Catherine and I caught the 0920 hrs Channel Tunnel train and to our disappointment no-one bothered to check her out of the UK. I suppose she'll now be included in the Westminster government's figures of Immigrants who remain illegally in the UK. They couldn't organise a party in a brewery. Catherine's visa expires soon so we hope to get it extended by persuading the Border Agency to stamp her passport with a 6 month Visitors visa.
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    Created by William-Glyn THOMAS
  • Equal pensions for same-sex couples
    The Equality Act 2010 should not contain loopholes allowing opportunities for discrimination. Private occupational pension schemes should not be allowed to ignore years of contributions by gay employees; limiting survivor benefits for civil partners. The surviving partner is not entitled to receive the full value of their deceased partner’s pension. Employers are required by law to pay same-sex survivor’s pensions based only on contributions made since 2005. Just like heterosexual people, members of the LGBTIQ+ community contribute the the UK state and economy all of our working lives. In the darkest times of a couples live when their love ones passes, it is wrong that the Government discriminates against them. This is not fair or right.
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  • BBC - Diversify your poetry programming!
    Writers who are not white men have contributed hugely to our understanding and appreciation of poetry, and it is unforgivable and unrepresentative to exclude them from a national celebration of poetry. Women and people of colour have been consistently ignored, sidelined and poorly treated in academic and arts circles, often not being taken as seriously as white men doing the same things as us to a similar or even lower standard. As TV licence fee payers, we have a right to be fairly represented and to see ourselves - and a true reflection of the arts world - in the programming we pay for.
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  • Pay Camden NSL workers a real living wage
    Camden NSL workers made over £24 million profit for Camden Council last year and contributed to NSL’s £18 million plus profits for the same period. Working as a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO: the new term for traffic warden) is a hard and dangerous job. You work in all weather conditions and have to put up with regular verbal abuse and all too often physical attacks. In return you are paid badly and receive very little support or respect from your employers or members of the public. CEOs have to gain qualifications which cover the intricacies of parking law and the other requirements of the job. The workers' union, Camden Unison, originally requested a pay rate of £10.50 per hour, the rate NSL workers receive in some other London boroughs. However following negotiations the workers agreed they would settle for a rate of £9.50 per hour, but the employers are only offering £9.15 per hour. These workers rightly feel they deserve to earn more than the current minimum wage needed to survive in London, and they have since taken at least 11 days of strike action in support of their claim. Please support our campaign for a decent increase for these low paid workers.
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  • Disabled access on Plymouth streets
    I have been fighting for nearly 2 years to get drop kerbs installed on Cunningham road in Plymouth, to allow access for wheelchair and mobility scooters. I have mobility issues and rely on a scooter to get around, but with no drop kerbs, i cant leave my house. I have been lied to and treated like I don't matter by the council, and put onto a list for a fund that simply doesn't have enough money to do the work, meaning it will never be done. I have been told by the council that they don't have a budget for disability access issues and the only money available is £4000 in the living streets fund, while the work has been quoted as £5000. Why don't the council have a budget set aside for disability access issues? The discrimination act was put in place to prevent businesses from discriminating against disabled people yet the council don't have to do anything about it? I may only be one person asking for them, but not having them means my life is seriously effected as I do not have access to my GP, the hospital, the pain clinic or anywhere else. It is important that the council listen to what it's constituents need, are taken to account for failing to fulfil their job and are prepared for such occurrences with suitable budgets.
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  • Review Concentrix and HMRC Investigations of Tax Credit claimants
    We're going to see Iain Duncan Smith next month and we want to take this petition with us with as many names as possible. You may not get why we're so wound up about it. Let me share a few stories (all real, local people). Before I do, lets just remember what tax credits are for. They are contributions from the government towards the cost of ofsted registered childcare so that work is possible. Many users of tax credits are single parents but many are also in couples. They are for people for whom work would not be possible without assistance towards childcare (which by the way has to be paid one month in arrears and is subject to fines for late payment). One woman was told that her tax credits would stop because her daughter doesn't exist. The fact that said daughter was crying in the background whilst her stressed and bewildered mother was trying to sort it out whilst wondering how she was going to pay for childcare was irrelevant. Another woman was told that her tax credits would be cut to £85 a month (a contribution towards an £800 childcare bill for 2 children representing well over half of the whole family's take home pay.)This was because concentrix concluded that a previous childcare provider had not been ofsted registered and therefore this lady was in debt to them for falsely claiming help towards childcare that year. Of course the provider had been ofsted registered, we may never know what information concentrix used to reach their conclusion but our member had to shoulder the full responsibility of proving her case, all the while on reduced tax credits and even had to arrange a meeting with her employer to explain that work would not be feasible if she couldn't prove her case. The member is now vindicated but the stress she was wrongly put under was extremely serious and unnecessary. Another member was subject to a thorough investigation of her circumstances after which concentrix reached the bizarre conclusion that her total childcare costs for 2 children were £4 a week....totally validates any claim that the government and their agencies are out of touch with real life...if such a cheap provider exists I want their details! I could go on....case after case, story after story - already vulnerable people being made to feel desperate, hopeless and quite frankly criminalised. Please, if you agree with us, sign and share to say this is not OK. Perhaps there's a case to be made for people to be investigated as benefit fraud happens - but the way it is being done is unnecessarily negatively impacting people who could do without it!
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