Because for many staff working in Universities their pay is squeezed while others are paid extortionately. Wage rises have not kept up with inflation, staff face job insecurity and regradings, and privatised services often pay only the legal minimum wage for working at the same site. Meanwhile private remuneration committees set the highest wages without criteria or accountability, at up to 25x the pay of staff at the same institution and pay rises of up to 40% per year. It's just not fair! This campaign is led by UNISON.
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  • Love Activists Solution Based Proposals to End Homelessness.
    The proposals were developed in consultation with the local community, prioritising feedback from rough sleepers at the group's weekly Love Kitchen. Love Activists hope to gather 1250 signatures to force the council to debate the proposals at a full council meeting. Reasoning/Rationale: 1. In May, the Supreme Court ruled that when local authorities make vulnerability assessments, a 'homeless person' should be compared with an 'ordinary person who is at risk of becoming homeless'. There is no doubt that any homeless person is 'significantly more vulnerable' than an ordinary person, therefore everybody living on the street should be assessed as being in priority need. The judgement also made it clear that while councils are often under huge financial strain, this must not be used as an excuse for avoiding their legal duties. To guarantee duty of care and legal obligations are met, all local authorities must provide permanent housing for anybody living on the streets. 2. Housing first pilot project had a 70% success rate in Brighton & Hove - helping 7 out of 10 people with high support needs into accommodation. 3. Extended winter provision: additional services provided over a period of time e.g. every night from November to March. If the material resources exist to provide shelter from a severe weather emergency, economic arguments against keeping the shelters open are not as powerful as the humanitarian ones for opening them. (Copy & pasted from 'Homeless Link') Humanitarian Response: SWEP should be applied responsibly to prevent death at all times; 3 consecutive nights at zero or below is the minimum requirement. Local authorities should consider factors such as wet weather and wind chill, snow coverage and duration of extreme weather when looking at provision. Preventing deaths on the streets is the aim of the protocol, so if this demands more beds and a longer response the local authority should do everything it can to prevent harm to individuals. Economics cannot change the weather any more than economics can determine people's relative vulnerability to each other. 4. It doesn't have to be severely wet to have a severe impact if you're sleeping on the streets. Severely windy, wet weather is an emergency, as is extremely hot, dry weather. Homeless Link offers advice and guidance to BHT, St Mungo's and Brighton & Hove City Council. Currently their minimum definition of severe weather is when the temperature drops below zero for three consecutive nights. (Copy & pasted from 'Homeless Link') There is no strict definition of what counts as ‘severe weather’. Local authorities should proactively identify any weather that could increase the risk of serious harm to people sleeping rough and put measures in place to minimise this. This includes extreme cold, wind and rain. It is important not to presume when, or in what form, severe weather will occur. Sleeping rough is never comfortable, but the suffering is exacerbated by all elements It doesn't have to be severely wet to have a severe impact if you're sleeping on the streets. ('Homeless Link') http://www.homeless.org.uk/sites/default/files/site-attachments/Winter%20provision%20guidance%202015-16.pdf 5. If this doesn't happen there will be no truly affordable places to live and more people will inevitably become homeless. 6. This would make use of empty properties, keep people safe and avoid waste of tax payers money, private money and time spent on security, policing and court costs. (Copy & pasted from 'Homeless Link') In addition to the direct risk associated with severe weather, local authorities should work alongside other local statutory and voluntary services to identify and mitigate actions taken during severe weather that can increase risk for those sleeping rough. For example, people may choose to sleep in riskier places, such as in bins, where they can find cover. They may also enter buildings or property illegally, or increase their substance use as a coping mechanism. 7. No single authority can successfully move to implement all of these measures, because if they 'move first', their service capacity would risk being overwhelmed by people migrating to that local authority. Therefore, we must work towards implementing these measures nationally. [email protected] twitter.com/loveactivists_ facebook.com/loveactivistsbrighton
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  • Stop VAT on sanitary products; don't just give the money to charity
    While women may be happy for extra funding for such charities, this purely political gesture completely misses the point. These products are NOT luxuries so why are they taxed as such? What George Osborne did today was keep a discriminatory tax and make it an enforced charitable contribution which only women have to pay. This is important because the tax is discriminatory.
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  • Stop the ministry of defense discrimating against people with austism
    I feel this is important as people with autism are just as capable of serving their country as their neurotypical counterparts (even more in some cases)
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  • Say NO to cuts in Housing Benefits.
    This once again will hit the poorer families and the sick and disabled! Why do this section of the public have to suffer to repay the monies stolen/lost by the bankers? Yet MP's find its ok to give themselves an 11% pay rise. Their 'Rich' friends lost the countries money they should be made to repay it by increasing their taxes! Let those who can afford pay! This section of society are already struggling, many have committed suicide as they can no longer cope with the stress of all the cuts and reductions in their income. Its discrimination by the Government to Cut only benefits that the poorer people are entitled to claim!
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    No one should be put through an ordeal like this - especially someone with children waiting for her back home. I honestly could not believe this headline when scrolling through my facebook news feed. I once read a short story called The Lottery by Shirley Jackson in which a woman is stoned to death because she is unlucky enough to draw the unlucky ticket in the local 'lotery'. That was fantasy. This is reality; and the two should never be mixed. Please help prevent this barbaric act before it's too late. Surely we've had enough of death and murder?
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  • Free Speech for Lord's Prayer
    This is about freedom of speech. The cinemas claim that the advert can offend people of no faith and other faiths. But adverts at the cinema may well offend people all the time because of different views but the the positive thing about living in Britain is that we have free speech and can allow people of different views to express opinions in line with democracy. On Monday 23/11/15 Ibrahim Mogra of the Muslim Council of Britain was quoted in the Daily Mail (p.4) as saying "I am flabbergasted that anyone would find this prayer offensive to anybody....We don't think the Lord's Prayer is offensive.....You are talking about a beautiful prayer that is asking God to bless us." Professor Richard Dawkins, was also quoted in the same article as saying "If anybody is offended by something so trivial as a prayer, they deserve to be offended." See for yourself whether it offends you - the link is https://youtu.be/vlUXh4mx4gI The Lord's Prayer is prayed by billions of people across the globe every day, and in this country has been part of everyday life for centuries. So many people find it of value.
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  • Re-opening the independent living fund for disabled people
    This petition is important as it will widely help disabled people live their life independently and efficiently. 18,000 people with high support needs relied on the fund and said it "transformed their life". The fund has recently been closed resulting in changing peoples lives greatly in a negative way. This petition may contribute towards re-opening the independent living fund even if it is a small difference. Please take a couple of minutes out of your time to sign up for this campaign. It will be greatly appreciated :)
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  • damaging, racist and hateful drawing in the daily mail
    This image instigates racial hatred and violence! I find this image unacceptable, offensive and an act of racism from the Daily Mail which will only create further divide and hate among people. After the shocking events of the weekend, surely now more than ever, we need to come together instead of creating a larger divide through hateful propagander!
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  • BBC! Re-employ Iain Lee.
    Iain Lee was sacked by the BBC after arguing with a Christian Legal Centre lawyer Libby Powell, when she stated that according to the Bible, homosexuality was a sin. Iain stated, correctly, that this was homophobic.
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  • Renew In The Flesh
    This television show contains a range of diverse characters, including those of the LGBTQ+ community, and an incredibly strong female character. The show is important for those of LGBTQ+ community as it boosts representation among media (also the sexuality of the characters in question is never explicitly stated, which is how sexuality should be dealt with as no one should have to come out), and deals with sexuality as it should be dealt with. Mental illness is also depicted in the show, which raises awareness and may help to end stigma around mental health issues, and deals with them in a way that not only spreads awareness at how serious they are, but also shows the aftermath of the consequences of some mental health issues (i.e. suicide). Finally, although the program is a 'zombie' show it is not a stereotypical zombie show. It is bursting with original ideas and concepts, and deals with far more issues than a regular TV show. In The Flesh is an incredibly important program to so many, and the renewal of it would mean so much to a lot of people, young and old alike.
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  • Open up empty buildings in paisley
    To plead to the Council to open its empty buildings to the homeless in winter. I cannot imagine sleeping rough in driving, biting winds, snow, ice and winter rain. It's inhumane. It's also inexcusable when we have so many empty buildings.
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