• Empty buildings to shelter Homeless in Portsmouth
    Do I really even need to answer this? I'll just tell you about a man I befriended a few years back, let's call him John. He was homeless. I got taking to him whilst waiting for the Gosport ferry after work one day. John was selling the big issue, he was clearly unwell. When I questioned him on his health he said is was "just a cold." I'd bump into John at least once a week and as the weeks went on his health deteriorated. One evening I pretty much ordered him to get a bus to QA. I watched him get on the bus. I didn't see John for the rest of that winter, then around April I saw him in North End. He was unrecognisable, he was a different colour, his eyes where shining, his hair was fuller and he was standing up straight. He had a girlfriend. He told me he that when he go to QA they all panicked over him. He had got pneumonia. I am quite certain if John hadn't gone to hospital AND if he hadn't had a roof over his head whilst he recovered, he would have died. It is also much less likely that he would have had pneumonia if he was not exposed to the brutality of a British winter. If there is shelter in the form of empty or unused buildings, is it humane to deny it to those who need it the most? This year 2,744 are estimated to be sleeping rough in the uk on any one night. This is up 14% from estimations on rough sleepers in 2013 and a staggering 55% from 2010! Let's try and change that for the better!
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    Created by Sam Stokes
  • New UK Passport Airbrushes Women From History
    The new UK passport design supposedly celebrates the British 'cultural pantheon' but in 16 pages features only 2 women, despite finding plenty of space for men, as well as everyday objects such as the postage stamp and telephone box. British history contains countless inspirational women such as Jane Austen, Emmeline Pankhurst, Charlotte Bronte, Barbara Hepworth, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Laura Ashley, Boudicca, Queen Elizabeth I, Elizabeth Fry, Florence Nightingale, Mary Wollstonecraft, Marie Stopes, Agatha Christie , Beatrix Potter, Maggie Smith and Amy Winehouse - and many, many more besides! It is wrong that in 2015 men and women do not have equal representation on this important document - a document that will be in the hands of every man, woman and child for years to come. We are constantly hearing about how we must encourage women and girls to become engineers, doctors, company directors and much much more, but this sends the message to our women and girls that their contribution to society does not count. Is the contribution of inspirational women such as Emmeline Pankhurst or Jane Austen really not as important or interesting as a postage stamp or telephone box?
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    Created by Juliet Browse
  • A real living wage for all social care staff in Scotland
    Having a job and earning a decent wage is a necessity if we as a society are going to address some of the biggest concerns facing our generation. Poverty has a devastating effect on families across Scotland and in-work poverty has no place in the 21st century. There is no excuse for low-pay, when time and time again it has been shown to be not only an ineffective means of employment, but also a hindrance on long-term sustainable economic growth. Low wages result in poorer services, higher staff turnover, increased absences from work and a lower quality of life for staff stuck in low pay. We have not only an opportunity, but a responsibility, to tackle poverty and eradicate the blight it puts on people’s lives once and for all. Addressing low pay will not put an end to hardship overnight, as it is only part of a much wider and more complex picture of social justice, but it is a start, and it should be our goal to achieve it.
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    Created by Jayne Baxter
  • Allow British Families to stay together
    Change this unfair and discriminatory law that penalises British citizens. our family and thousands of other British families are affected by this, because our British born son married an american lady, and they have two sons. the present law will not allow our son to return home to the UK with his family, because he cannot fulfil the income requirements, even though they can live with us and we can help them until they find work. my husband and i are in our mid 60's. we should be able to enjoy the company of our family and our grandchildren, but we cannot.
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    Created by Kathleen Downes
  • Free TV licences for welfare pensioners
    Over 2 million pensioners will not receive the new state pension and will have to continue to live on £133 per week - some only receive £115 per week state benefits. For a Government that boasted a basic state pension of £155 per week, conveniently forgot to mention all existing pensioners will not receive this amount. To then expect them to pay the licence fee on top of their daily living costs, when they have little or no money to spare, is a damning indictment of the lack of care this government has for those at the bottom of the welfare heap. As a pensioner myself I know many pensioners who find it hard it is to pay their way, keep warm and eat healthily. You only have to look at the number of deaths of older people in the winter months because they don't have enough money to live on. I want you to sign the petition, so that we can put pressure on the Government to include welfare pensioners of all ages getting a free TV licence.
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    Created by David Southworth
  • Non resident parents to contribute towards childcare costs
    As a single parent I work full time and not only responsible to keep my children fed, clothed and housed I also have £700 nursery fees to pay monthly. Currently absent parents pay 11% of their gross income (CSA) and have equal rights and responsibilities for a child to whom their name is on a piece of paper known as a birth certificate... YET, the responsibilities are significantly cut when it comes to financial support - why? It is punitive to the resident parent and the detriment is felt by the children housed with that parent. Significant changes need to be implemented in respects to parental responsibility to encompass ALL areas of a child's life or none at all - not the areas that the non resident patent chooses. My children and I live renting, in debt and on the poverty line whilst the non resident parent owns a home, car, motorbike and has holidays. Is 11% of their gross income really £41 per week to have such luxuries?
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    Created by Satah Jones
  • Regularize Streaming Deals pro music artists
    It has never been clear since the dawn of the digital downloads era and we, the artists, often earn a very little income from selling a good amount of our music works which cost us a lot of time, love and money. It is important because the music industry is in crisis because of greedy companies like these (Deezer and others). Whilst I am a full time working musician, working hard and struggling to survive, these people and their employees which little have to do with music, make 20 times our profit just by addressing the products WE create, somewhere. ITunes for instance has a much fairer share of the profits with the artists who sell on it. I am a music producer, band leader of a successful Funk band, having sold 1715 copies of my first album on spotify and having earned 5.4€ from it sounds rather offensive. This is not the way the music business should go as they are killing the arts and the art of recording albums. I shall make my money back from the works I sell, not funding my music through borrowed money. We demand a fairer share of these streamed music deals, because in the past they've promised that they would give us more when they'd have more subscribers. Spotify accounts for 20 million active users and still pays artists around 0.002 pence per stream. This has to come to an end!
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    Created by Matteo Grassi
  • Daylight Robbery
    For many women reaching sixty was within sight when the state pension age was raised. The nearer they got the further away it was moved. Some women have been robbed of six even seven years pension, thousands of pounds, without a murmur of protest but now the reality of continuing to work has hit hard and for many this is a step too far.
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    Created by Sarah Biddlecombe
  • Rid the UK of the Gender Pay Gap
    It is important so that our daughters know that when they study, work-hard and contribute to society in the same way as their male counter-parts, they are not penalised for the sex they happen to be. In today's, modern, inclusive society where anti-discriminatory practice is common-place, we believe it is the Conservative Governments duty to implement equality of pay, regardless of sex. The gender pay gap currently resides at 10%, meaning men earn 10% more just for being men. How can we hope to encourage more women into Government and the boardrooms of the country when the pay gap exists on top of the many other barriers to success women may face? Sign our petition to give women true equality in the work-place.
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    Created by Marie-Claire O'Brien
  • Better provision within education for SEN children
    All children deserve the right to reach their full potential. Education should be fully accessible to all, not just those who are capable of helping schools reach target figures .
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    Created by Beccie Orchard
  • Subtitles on streaming of Welsh Assembly sessions
    I am deaf and very interested in local government and politics in Wales as are many other deaf and hard of hearing people. There are 10 million deaf or hard of hearing people across the UK. Something like 110,000 in Wales and the figure is always rising. It is incredibly important for deaf and hard of hearing people to keep in touch by using social media and computer access as so much communication is out of reach if you are deaf. There fore subtitles become an essential tool for communication in this day and age.
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    Created by Jackie CHARLTON
  • Wheelchair Users V Pushchairs & Buggies on buses
    Being passengers in wheelchairs should not be made to wait at bus stops sometimes for over an hour to wait for the next available bus. Also in 2004 a disability law was brought into the country by the government at that time to help the disabled.
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    Created by Jeff Coombs