• Gates Foundation Divest - Fossil Free Health
    As pointed out recently by the 2015 Lancet Commission on Health and Climate Change, the global health improvements witnessed in recent decades risk being undone by climate change.. We also know that most of the existing coal, oil and gas reserves must stay in the ground if this is to be avoided. However, the energy sector’s continued exploration for new fossil fuel reserves makes clear that they will only respond to market forces. The ethical and financial case for fossil fuel divestment is thus well founded, and widely supported by, amongst others, the President of the World Bank and Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO)- both public health physicians. Whilst we commend the Gates Foundation Asset Trust’s recent decision to divest $765.9 million worth of shares from ExxonMobil, we feel that this does not go far enough. By failing to divest from the major fossil fuel companies, the Gates Foundation is implicitly providing moral support to companies that continue to obstruct meaningful action to reduce GHG emissions. Just as important, it sends the wrong signal to many governments who continue to frame their energy policies under the influence of the fossil fuel industry. It also misses the opportunity to support a transition to a safer and healthier world through transfer of investment to the renewable energy sector. Constructive engagement with the fossil fuel industry is important, but the Gates Foundation is better placed to support the transformation of the energy sector if it does not simultaneously signal that it is morally acceptable to profit from industries that cause global warming and threaten the health, biodiversity and security of the planet. Yours sincerely, Dr David McCoy, Medact, UK Prof. Hugh Montgomery, University College London Prof Sue Atkinson and Dr Robin Stott, on behalf of the Climate and Health Council, UK Dr David Pencheon, Director, Sustainable Development Unit for the Health and Social Care System, UK ----------- If you are from outside the UK then please email alicemunro@medact.org with the following details, and we will add you to the petition manually: Full name, Email, Job title, Country and whether you work in the health sector.
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  • Cambridge Climate Message
    The Cambridge Climate Message to COP21 is a message from the people and organisations of Cambridge to all those participating in the global climate change negotiations (COP21) in Paris between 30th November and 11th December 2015. As well as being published online it will be sent to Sir David King, the UK special envoy for climate change. Many people in Cambridge care deeply about our future and recognise that taking action locally, although very important, will in itself be insufficient to stop disastrous climate disruption. This is why this message brings together voices from across the city to provide a strong unified message for national and international leaders, calling on them to come to an ambitious and fair international agreement. The Cambridge Climate Message provides an opportunity for individuals to join a collective community driven call for ambitious global climate action. For organisations it provides an opportunity to show their customers, service users, staff, members and investors that they understand that strong climate policy both at home and abroad is necessary for local communities and economies, like Cambridge, to thrive. The Cambridge Climate Message is just one project among many which are bringing together people and organisations in Cambridge in support of greater climate action. These efforts will not stop with COP21. Cambridge’s journey to becoming a world leading city for climate action is only just beginning. Signing the Cambridge Climate Message is an important step on that journey. This petition is for individuals to sign. Organisations can sign up to support the message at the Cambridge Climate Message webpage www.cambridgeclimatemessage.org.uk
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  • Stop Mega Dairies. Stop the lagoon in Hartland Devon.
    Mega Dairies, where over 1000 cows are held in sheds 24/7 all year, are cruel and cause serious environmental damage. It is often called 'zero-grazing' when cows are never allowed in fields. It is a disgraceful form of farming... and it is entirely unnecessary. It is motivated only by greed not a social need. In Hartland in Devon an enormous slurry lagoon has been built, without even asking for permission, in the middle of an AONB. Since then the whole area has suffered considerable environmental damage and several people blame their health problems on it. And the cows... well they are healthy when measured in terms of milk yield but just look into their eyes. It is sad to see. It is in complete contrast to cows in fields that show curiosity and a spectrum of social behaviors. Please help us stop this kind of farming. Stopping this lagoon is the first step. http://stopit.org.uk The farm in Hartland is owned by the same persion that was responsible for the Nocton that resulted in an uproar of protest and Early Day Motions in Parliment.
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  • BP out of the Edinburgh International Festival
    The Edinburgh International Festival's mission is to contribute to "many aspects of life, be it cultural and economic, education and society and enhances the lives of people not just in Edinburgh and Scotland, but around the world". We believe this vision is at odds with the human rights abuses and environmental destruction perpetrated by one of the Festival's sponsor: oil giant BP. BP is now being taken to court by Gilberto Torres (pictured above in the middle), former Columbian trade union leader, with the assistance of War on Want and a British law firm for being complicit in the crimes perpetrated by the oil company Ocensa. The company is accused of financing the torture, murder and disappearance of more than 12,000 people in the oil-rich and politically unstable region of Casanare. While issues of funding are of increasing importance to cultural institutions, we strongly believe there is no rationale to justify the reconciliation of fossil fuel corporations and the arts. Therefore, we are now calling on the Edinburgh International Festival to remove BP from its corporate sponsors.
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  • Pesticide and herbicide free Cornwall
    Many pesticides used in towns have been linked to serious illnesses like cancers and birth defects. Children are particularly vulnerable. Hundreds of towns around the world have already gone pesticide-free It’s time that Cornwall took the initiative and did the same. We need to protect our children from the harmful effects of pesticides. The French government have brought in a law to stop the use of all non-agricultural pesticides by 2020 - so it is possible. If Cornwall were to stop their use it would help protect our children and provide wider social and environmental benefits to all the citizens of this great county.
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  • Hands off Druridge Bay
    The area has six wildlife reserves and is internationally important. The damage and disruption caused by open cast mining to the delicate ecosystem will be devastating. The location was chosen as a base for Spring watch. The area is particularly important for wildfowl many are migrants such as pink footed geese and whooper swans. It supports otters and many species of owls. At East Chevington marsh harriers breed every year. The area used to be mined heavily but now is becoming popular with holiday makers creating jobs for locals. The embryonic tourist business will be destroyed by the creation of an open cast mine. The bay is seven miles long and is an area of outstanding beauty.
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  • Immediate Moratorium on Fracking in England
    Fracking is an inherently dangerous industrial process which poisons water aquifers. Do we want our families and future generations to suffer from the effects of chemically contaminated water in perpetuity? Environment America's Research and policy Centre’s report in 2013, which studied the impact of fracking across the United States, states that fracking poses grave risks to the environment and human health. For this reason the Scottish and Welsh assemblies have imposed a moratorium on fracking in Scotland and Wales. There have been many cases across the US where contamination of drinking water has led to serious impacts on health for humans and livestock. I urge anyone to get hold of it, it makes very sobering reading. Fracking is not a safe industry and the evidence from studies in the US backs this up. The visual and environmental impact of this industrial process on the landscape and to habitats is dramatic and therefore extremely concerning. Damage is caused by drilling through water bearing rock strata and pumping a cocktail of toxic chemicals at extremely high pressure in order to shatter oil bearing shale. Well linings break and degrade leading to irreversible contamination of aquifers. The vast quantities, millions of gallons, of water for this process must be taken in competition with the needs of irrigation for agriculture and our drinking water. The water becomes contaminated and cannot be recycled but has to be brought back to the surface and stored in reservoirs or dumped, leading to escape and further permanent damage to the environment. Fracking will without question threaten the purity and future security of water aquifers across England in densely populated counties including Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. Drilling horizontally below for example beneath the South Downs National Park cannot be considered safe. In geological terms, this isn't very deep at all. Depth does not address the risk fundamentals that high pressure fracking and extraction from well head to oil bearing strata and in reverse in a environmentally sensitive and densely populated region poses to health. Fracking should be regulated with as much rigour as the nuclear industry is under European Environmental Impact Assessment regulation. The impact of fracking is such a critical and detailed issue for the UK, I urge everyone to review the evidence on fracking that is emerging from the US for themselves and not rely on ministerial briefings and support a moratorium on fracking in England until fracking can ever be proved to be a safe and sustainable industrial practice. There are proven safe and sustainable alternatives to securing the nation's energy requirements.
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  • Stop the explosive madness!
    Pet owners. The elderly. Parents. Shift workers. We know the cost of a bit of fun. It's not just one evening. It starts at the beginning of October, and goes on and on, to Christmas, new year, and so on. Animals cannot tell that this is fun. It sounds like war. It sounds bad. It sounds scary.
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  • Open up empty buildings in Burnley
    To plead to the Council to open its empty buildings to the homeless in winter. I cannot imagine sleeping rough in driving, biting winds, snow, ice and winter rain. It's inhumane. It's also inexcusable when we have so many empty buildings.
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    Created by Melissa Creelman
  • Bring back drinking Water Fountains into the Capital
    They used to have them all over London from what I understand which must have been so useful and now they seem to have almost all vanished. This is important to me as a surfer I often find myself surfing next to plastic water bottle waste which causes massive destruction to the marine life and of course uses up precious finite resources. Watching this video on the journey of a plastic spoon (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eg-E1FtjaxY) also highlighted to me the absurdity of using a one use plastic water bottle.
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  • Reduce supermarket waste of fruit and vegetables
    Farmers are throwing away tonnes of fresh food because supermarkets only accept “perfect” fruit and vegetables of an exact shape and size. The supermarkets are worried misshapen potatoes put customers off. But we are their customers - so let’s tell them we’ll buy fruit and veg that looks the way mother nature intended it. A huge petition, powered by shoppers, could convince supermarket bosses to stop rejecting perfectly good food.
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  • Petition for Clean Green Buses and Clean Air
    Air pollution from road traffic causes tens of thousands of people every year in the UK to die prematurely. Children's health is suffering too. Norwich has several air pollution hotspots. These include Castle Meadow, where diesel buses contribute to unsafe air quality. Signing the petition below would put pressure on Norfolk County Council to promote clean green buses. 5,000 signatures are needed to trigger a debate by a Full Norfolk County Council meeting. As the local transport authority, Norfolk County Council can influence the emissions standard of bus vehicles run by private bus companies; for example it can specify bus vehicle standards: - when letting Park and Ride contracts - in providing bus priority measures - by creating low emissions zones. Thank you for your support.
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